Hot stamping pre loved mini Lin agenda?

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  1. I need advice. I bought an agenda pm in mini Lin on eBay. It is in very good condition, on the outside as well as on the inside. So I am thinking of getting it hot stamped. As far as I know the inside isn't made of leather so there is no patina as on leather. Do you think LV can stamp it although the agenda is not new? I called the customer service but they only told me to go to a LV store.
  2. If your item is authentic and the surface is both flat and leather then LV will hot stamp it at no charge for you. I personally wouldn't mention anything about it being pre-loved though if the SA asks for whatever reason.
  3. I agree with Miss K, avoid mentioning you bought it pre-loved. Hot stamping is a service offered for free to LV clients, as a "gift" with purchase if you will. Some SAs are understandably ticked off when people arrive with second-hand goods and request a free hot stamp, but are not regular LV clients.

    It's all about diplomacy!

    PS: some SAs don't care at all though. 😄
  4. Ok. Thank you :smile: I will bring it to LV and tell you. The Agenda is in perfect Condition and Looks quite new. I got already hot stamped my wallet and a tag, but directly after buying them at the store.