Hot or Not? New CL Wedges

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Super hot!
  3. I actually tried these on today at Saks in black, they are actually very uncomfortable. But that probably won't stop me from ordering them in nude anyway.
  4. Wow Kamilla I wouldn't have imagined that they would be uncomfortable. I thought I'd order them b/c they look super comfortable. Are they uncomfortable because of the thin strap at the toes? Or is it the arch?
  5. I thought they looked comfy too!! I am going to try these and see for myself. They are HOT!
  6. Those would never stay on my feet. And the nude wedge doesn't excite me.
  7. Oh I think they are kinda ugly.
  8. I thought they were cute, but imagined them to be uncomfy for some reason. Are they the same color as the yoyo/VP nude patent???
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao: Kamilla, you're too funny! I am right there with you! I haven't tried them on yet (gotta get out of bed to do that and this cold is not helping) but I really like them and can see them being a great alternative to the CL espadrilles I lived in last summer. What made them uncomfortable?
  10. They're OK. Nothing special :shrugs: Am I seriously talking about CLs here?? :p
  11. I think they're hot!
  12. The thin strap was digging into my foot. But I should comment that I was wearing tights today, although it was 65 degrees in NYC, so it is possible that they were uncomfortable due to the tights.
    I also tried on the nude patent leather joli noeud and those too were very uncomfortable. That is a great shoe and a great alternative to the nude patent leather yoyos, but for me at least, they were very uncomfortable and I very rarely feel that way about CLs.
  13. HOY HOT HOT...I am eyeing the fushia version
  14. Thanks for the report Kamilla. I figured the passmule wedge would be uncomfortable for me as my feet are wider. I did not know the Joli Noeud came in nude patent! Being that I am trying to refrain from adding to my collection, I am relieved, though saddened that they are uncomfortable.

    To the OP--Smurfet, the color is HOT!
  15. i am very iffy on wedges