Horsehair Crinoline

  1. OK, I'm no expert in the horsehair crinoline that Hermes uses for it's bags, however, I AM a Milliner (hatmaker) by trade, and we are the primary users of Horsehair Crinoline (used to be known as simply 'horsehair"....)

    I am interested to know whether Hermes still uses real horsehair for their crinoline bags (I find this highly unlikely, as it is no longer manufactured, however I may stand corrected?)...

    Horsehair Crinoline used to be made from a blend of real horse's hair and cotton or linen and is now synthetic, or cotton. It is a fine, single-ply, open mesh material. It has a course texture and a dull finish, unless treated.

  2. Hi GF!
    I was lucky enough to hold a Black togo/ horsehair combo last month at Hermes. I specifically asked if it was real Horsehair sewn and the answer was "Yes, the horsehair from the tail of the horse". So stunning , on my wishlist! Member Archangel has the most stunning Horsehair Birkin.:love:
  3. yes, I know - it is LOVELY!!

    It's just that the horsehair crin I've seen at Hermes doesn't appear to be made from real horsehair.....real horsehair hasn't been used since the 1900's. The SA is correct, it WAS from the horses tail, though!

    Hmmm......gonna give the store a call.....hang on....
  4. LOL....OK, they're not sure, I explained the question (and they know what I do for a living) so...they're emailing Paris for me!! Might take a while to get an answer.......
  5. Hmm can't help regarding the bags but violin bow strings are still made from real horsehair (I play) and in the anatomy lab at uni there is a pelvic bone with 'ligaments' made of horsehair glued to it.... useless info, sorry.

    GF my aunt used to be a milliner! What a cool trade!
  6. Ha...yep I'm usually flat out at this time of year, but I'm having this season off due to the new baby!

    The reason I can't get horsehair crin in because they cannot weave it anymore.
  7. yes, I love the look of the crinoline so I investigated. it is real horse tail hair, a byproduct of the horse slaughter industry. Apparently a good portion of the horsemeat goes to France as well -- don't know when the tail is separated and goes on its way to crinoline-makers.
  8. Oh way cool GF. I LOVE hats. (Although I look like $hit in them.)

    Do you only do custom or can your hats be found in stores in Oz and further abroad? You can PM me re your hats if you prefer.

    Ooooooh. Hats. :heart: After shoes, coats and gloves, they're my other fashion fixation. Can't walk by a hat display without stopping to try on a few.
  9. wong - I do custom made hats, primarily Racewear, but also Weddings etc.....I specialise in the "Fashions on the Field" girls (I am actually working for certain clients at the moment, even though I'm on 'maternity leave', but there's just some fave clients you can't turn down!).

    Hermes had DIVINE panama hats at the moment - the starw is SOOOOO fine......ahhhhh!
  10. Hi GF,
    One of my old copies of Le Monde D' Hermes has an article about the making of the crinoline, with pictures. I can't find it right now. Actually think it is at another house. Maybe your Paris inquiry will reference the article. I love crinolin. Also like "Havana" the woven straw, Hermes uses. Have only seen Havana in one bag, a Vespa if I remember correctly.
  11. GF - thanks for both bits of info. Now I gotta go check out the Hermes panamas. I read somewhere that the best panamas are so fine that when rolled up they can pass through a ring. Hmmm. That has a familiar sound to it. Don't they say the same about the shatoosh?
  12. I think my Jige may be Panama? Also show close up of the crinolin of my Kelly. As far as durability, the Panama seems more delicate to me, I have had zero problems with the crinolin on the Kelly, she has just been all over Europe for three weeks and was used all day every day and shows no sign of it, unlike her exhausted mistress!
    DSC02070.JPG DSC02069.JPG
  13. Do you have to be espcially careful with the horsehair crinolin? What about getting it wet? Does it have a specific scent/odor?

    And here is my big question: does it shed?
  14. Oops! I meant Panama, not Havana.
  15. Hi Bababebi,
    Panama looks like the woven straw of a Panama hat. I do not think your Jiji is Panama. It is gorgeous, wonder what it is, if not Panama?