horror stories

  1. do any of you have a Coach horror story?? like you got one dirty or lost?

    the day after i got my mini skinny i got black! gel ink pen on it!!!!!!! i was so bummed.. thank god i got it out with baby wipes!
  2. see this picture?


    this is my car (2005 RAV4) on Halloween morning...don't worry...I was fine (superfical cuts/bruises...accident was not my fault)

    anywho, what you CAN'T see in this picture, is that my brand new, black/gunmetal stripe tote and wallet are sitting UNDER the car (where the driver side window used to be.)

    yeah, here I am sitting on the side of the road, my 2 year old car flipped over, and I'm worried about a $300 bag/wallet set!

    FWIW...the bag was FINE! My full travel mug of coffee managed to only spill all over me, and NOT the bag. Was covered in glass, but otherwise totally fine
  3. well you "win"... i don't think anyone has a worse story than that! i'm glad you & your daughter were okay.. i was in an accident last may & i cried for 2 straight days thinking of what could've happened to my little man...
  4. you look tall compared to the car on its side! ; P
  5. ^^ That's not me! That's the tow-truck guy! LOL

    (but really, the RAV was a small car...I bought a bigger one, a Saturn Vue, has a TON more airbags too!)

    and I think you mis-read...luckily, no one else was in the car but me (no kids)
  6. OMG Deweydrop! Thank god you were okay! :wtf:
  7. :wtf: Wow! Thank goodness you were okay!!! And bonus that your Coach were okay too.
  8. You're so lucky to be okay from that. What a horrible looking accident. And it makes it better that you beautiful Coach was okay!
  9. Thank goodness you were alright! And HOLLA to your Coach for withstanding that nightmare...wowzers....
  10. OMG I am so happy to hear you are okay!!
  11. no horror stories but I'll continue the trend with omg!! glad you are ok. Does that car tend to 'tip'? my friend wants one :huh:
  12. Well I can't top Deweydrops and I'm glad you weren't more seriously hurt but here is my "horror" story.

    This happend a few years ago, I had just purchased my Coach gallery patchwork tote, full of beautiful brown suede patches. I was picking up dinner from Culvers and taking it out to my parents house. My dad asked if I could get him a strawberry shake, sure no problem!

    I leave Culvers and start to head towards my parents house, (I am traveling on a two lane highway, one lane each way) when all of a sudden the guy in front of me decides to do a U-turn. I slammed on my brakes to avoid hitting him and the strawberry shake flew out of the cup holder all over my brand new patchwork tote!:cursing:

    It took quite a while but thank goodness I was able to get all of the strawberry shake out of the brown suede!
  13. Totally off topic (sorry!!!), but I just wanted to say that yes, overall, SUVs are more likely to tip than little sedans. It's the way they're further up but just as short as a normal sedan, so to speak. I don't know the statistics right off my head, but I'm sure a quick google will tell you a bunch. I personally drive a Honda CR-V, and it's really not too bad unless you're prone to making turns too quickly. I've never gotten into an accident before though, so it might affect how you receive the impact of other cars, etc. Just wanted to chime in cuz it may or may not affect her decision.
  14. DeweyDrop-glad to hear you walked away & were fine! If that had been me, I would've reacted the same way! I would have been freaking about my bag & probably would've tried to add a new one to the insurance claim!:p

    I think my worst horror story is one I shared just recently:my mother throwing away her wallet. :wtf: I'll give you the Cliff Note version since the long story was just on here. About 7 years ago I bought her a simple leather checkbook wallet. She carried it & carried & the lining in the coin section ripped. Now instead of TELLING me or asking me if I had any idea about whether Coach would fix it (which they would) or extend a credit towards a new one (which they would, IF they couldn't make it right) she threw it away b/c she considered it "worn out"!:nuts::nuts: Plus she thought too much time had passed for them to stand by it. I will say that once I told her they would've done SOMETHING about it, she cried & cried. I could tell she felt really bad so I got her a new one for Christmas. A black leather soho buckle checkbook. Yep, you guessed it-she cried when she opened that one too!;)