Horror Movies!!!!

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  1. omg i love horror movies...its insane how much i love them...who else does? and what are your favorites???
  2. I like Asian thrillers more than Hollywood blood & gore. :tup:

    The Ring (japanese version) freaked me out so bad, I couldn't face the TV for some time! :lol: There were sequels (2, and 3 I think) and a prequel, but nothing beats this.

    The Eye 1 & 2 (the pang bros) are good too, the 2nd one is scarier. *shudder*

    The Ring has been remade with Naomi Watts and I hear The Eye will be coming next year, starring Jessica Alba.
  3. ^^ Yeah. Asian horror movies are waaay scarier than Hollywood's pathetic attempts at scary movies. I think it's because they over-do it with their 'special effects'.
  4. I disagree. I've seen many Asian horror movies, and they don't scare me at all. :nogood:

    My all time favorite is the original Halloween. I also like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I absolutely hate goofy horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, Child's Play, etc. Those movies are ridiculous, and not scary at all in my opinion.

    I just recently saw the remake of Halloween that Rob Zombie did. I didn't like it half as much as the original. I hate what happened to the Halloween and Friday the 13th movies. They made too many of them, and they got worse after each one.
  5. I hate movies like childs play and Nightmare on Elmstreet aswell, they are just sick and gross.

    I was really freaked out with the film The Decent. I thought it was brilliant.
  6. Horror is my favorite genre of movies, and I buy more horror movies than any other type. I could watch them all day. I especially love zombie movies; they're my favorite type of monster. I do prefer scares and chills to blood and gore. I also like those campy-type horror movies.

    I think my all time favorite horror movie is "Dawn of the Dead" (2004). I've probably seen it 200 times, and whenever it comes on Starz I still watch it. I think that "The Exorcist" is the scariest movie I've ever seen, and I still can't watch it alone. They say there's a subliminal demon face in several shots that are less than a second long, but I've never noticed them in the movie. I also like the first "Jeepers Creepers." The opening scene in the car with the old truck just coming out of nowhere...freaky. The unexpected ending...freaky.

    Other horror movie favorites:

    "Creepshow 2"
    "The Shining" (the original version)
    "Night of the Living Dead" (the Tony Todd remake)
    "Wes Craven's New Nightmare"
    "Land of the Dead"
    "An American Werewolf in London"

    I'm a fan of many other horror movies, of course, but these are the ones that readily come to mind.
  7. I hate horror movies! I was so freaked out when I first saw 'nightmare on elm street' that I kept looking under my bed, and 'the ring' w/ Naomi Watts scared me to death!!!
  8. Dawn of the dead scared the s**t out of me. Such a good film though! It's the end of the film that really creeped me out when you think they've gotten away but then they show snap shots between the credits of the horrors they encounter on the journey and when they get to the island.

    Dawn of the dead is pretty nasty aswell but good.

    I dont know if this can be classed as a horror movie, but has anyone seen Wolf Creek? It's about some English girls travelling around Australia who encounter a pretty nasty bloke from the bush. It's pretty terrifying.
  9. I'm not too much of a horror fan but my DH and MIL are. They can sit and watch them for hours. I prefer horror/suspense is there such a category?, and some of my favorites are The Sixth Sense with Bruce Wills and The Others with Nicole Kidman but by far the scariest horror, not so much the story itself but the cinematography is The Ring. OMG! I was afraid of the TV and wouldn't go near one for the longest time!
  10. I know what you mean about The Ring! My eyes were literally streaming when I watched that film. But when I watched it again it didn't scare me at all. I guess it's the original shock of it that gets you.
  11. anyone see the mothman prophecies?? with Richard Gere? that movie totally freaked me out.

    and i of course loved the shining. i couldn't fall asleep the night i saw it.
  12. Good choice!The shining is one of my best movies!
  13. i LOVE horror movies

    some of my faves are:

    [SIZE=-1]The Exorcist[/SIZE]
    -the first orginal - to this day i can't watch it alone during the day with the sun beaming or at night it just scares the sht out of me

    first 3

    Rosemary's baby

    friday the 13

    it's alive- omg if i see this i will start to cry
  14. The only horror movie I've ever seen is Fear Dot Com, which is totally freaky and doesn't make ANY sense ;) But what horror movie is? I'm not really a horror-fan. I really want to see the Ring though.

    My little sis has seen the Grudge (remake of Ju-On) and she was scared to death. She had seen it with one of her friends and didn't want to tell the other girl she didn't like it, but it's really sad, because it's been two months ago and she still has to sleep with the lights on, and whenever someone talks about the Grudge she starts crying! And she's twelve.
    That's kinda keeping me away from seeing it though :p
  15. yes^^
    i like Wolf Creek
    other ones i like:
    -The Ring 1 & 2
    -The 6th Sense
    -Saw 1, 2, & 3