Hoping to find my first Hermes bag in Italy next week!

  1. I am so excited as I just got a new job this week and have scheduled a fabulous Italy trip to relax before I start Oct. 9! Yippee! :yahoo:

    I've been obsessed with handbags for the past few years and have developed a real obsession with Gucci and, to a lesser extent, Ferragamo. I have had a love for Hermes scarves for the past decade and always buy one when I travel to Europe, but I never coveted the Hermes collection of handbags....until now. I swear tPF has something to do with it!

    Anyway, I thank all you Hermes groupies for educating me through this forum so I can best determine which bag I want. I think I've avoided the Hermes bag for so long because it seems so strange not to have most all the bags available for sale so I can pick or choose what I fall in love with. I definitely let passion be my guide when I purchase handbags and it takes all of my power to reduce the number of impulse buys. Now I appreciate why Hermes is that way and have read enough of postings to better understand the mystery of it all.

    I always mark my travels with great purchases, whether they be furniture, jewelry, art, clothing or scarves. I've decided that to celebrate my new career, I will mark this trip with a Hermes handbag, if there is one available that I fall in love with. My trip so far is looking like Rome, Florence and/or Venice, depending on hotel availability at this late date (I leave in 6 days). I'm still compiling my wishlist, but of course would flip first for a Birkin. Wouldn't it be amazing if there just happens to be one on the shelf waiting for me? (hah!) (hey, a girl can dream!) But yes, I realize that will be unlikely.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  2. Buon Viaggio, Carolyn and congratulations on your new job! I've always been driven by the "arrow to the heart" syndrome myself when shopping for Hermes and if that's the way you shop too, then don't worry. I am SURE that there will be a lovely Hermes handbag just waiting for you. Might not be a Birkin but perhaps a beautiful Kelly or Bolide or Plume. Any of these beauties would certainly mark a very special ocassion IMO. Just be open to the "arrow" and you won't be sorry!
  3. Oh my enjoy the Italy trip - my dream to get there!!! Good wishes that you find your Hermes bag too!
  4. We will all be rooting for you! I just hope the birkin of your dreams is waiting for you, and if not, that a perfect bag is there to sweep you off your feet! Have a wonderful trip, and congratulations on your new job!
  5. I'm ready and waiting! :yahoo:
  6. Crossing my fingers! That would be a great way to kick off a new job.
  7. Congrats on the new job! And I'm sure they'll be lots of very nice things at H Italy. All the best with your dream bag. I'm rootin for ya!
  8. What a fabulous trip!! Congrats on the new job and I'm crossing my fingers for you on the Birkin! I'm sure you'll have a lovely time!
  9. Congrats on your new job and I am really wishing hard for you that a Birken will be put on the shelf just as you walk in with no other customers in sight at that very moment !!!

    Yes, I'm like you... in just 3 days after I stumbled on this site, I am now yearning so much for a Birken.... I wonder if I'd ever get to own one as it's almost impossible to buy one in Singapore. Feeling sad....

    Good luck and do remember to let us know when you get that ONE!

    Bon voyage...