hoodie hunt help

  1. I am questing for a particular style of hoodie with a long length. You know how we all wear those lengthened tees now? I want a hoodie that covers my hips too, but almost all hoodie/jacket type things are either cropped or waist length.

    Anyway, I have spent hours searching and the only thing I came up with was this:


    but I don't like the logo...

    if anyone has seen a similar style without a glaring logo on it, could you let me know? thanks!
  2. mike and chris makes amazing hoodies (i aboslutely love their stuff....i live in their hoodies :biggrin:) and this one's the length you want, i think, although it has no sleeves which might not be what you're looking for....

  3. here's one by ed hardy, which i also love, but again some ppl don't love his designs :yes:

  4. this adidas by stella mccartney one doesn't look like much in the photo but it's the perfect length and i promise it's super cute on :rolleyes: (i got a version of this from her last collection which actually had a gigantor hood)

  5. I love that brown hoodie in JC's post, also the stella one!
  6. I love these! Is there a Web site you can order from? I must get one! :smile:

  7. thanks for all the suggestions! I'm still on the lookout.
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