Hongkong or singapore cheaper?

  1. Hi , does anyone know if hongkong or singapore has a better price for BV?

    thank you :smile:
  2. Hk definitely cheaper!
  3. Yes, cheaper in HK.
  4. oh thank you so much !! :biggrin: i am flying hk very very soon !! thank you lisamiru and cujing ^.^
  5. Hi..is that means luxury bags were cheaper at HK compare to Singapore?thx
  6. You can check out the price on BV US page, the prices in HK are much similar to the US.

    (bought two bracelets in the same model, one from San Francisco and another from HK. The US price was us$378 after sales tax, and the price in HK was hk$2900)
  7. Tqqqq :smile: