Hong Kong Night Life Help pls...

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  1. we will be Hong Kong in 2 days ... pls give me info on where to go at night to chill out or maybe a club where there are nice dj's playing :yes: Love to hear your inputs ladies TIA :heart: were looking forward to this vacation :smile:
  2. Hey again, kaka!

    The place to go is Lan Kwai Fong or Soho, both of which are on HK island. Knutsford Terrace is popular for Kowloon side people.

    If you are on Kowloon, you MUST check out Aqua...it's at No. 1 Peking Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Dinner there is pricey and so are the drinks but the drinks and view are definitely worth it!

    At Lan Kwai, I love to go to Azure for drinks and a decent view of Hong Kong. Azure is on the 29th floor of LKF Tower and that is at the top of the hill. Wednesday and Thursday nights are Ladies Night at Dragon-i and if you have more ladies than men and are well dressed you should get in no problem. No flip-flops, ripped jeans etc...classy! Dragon-i is at the Centrium which is on Wyndham Street. Tivo is across from Prive (nice but hard club to get into...) and is also very nice for drinks. Tivo is also on Wyndham. Finds is also comfortable for drinks and is on the 2nd floor of LKF Tower.

    Lei Do is near the bottom of Lan Kwai and is nice for drinks too. For dancing people usually head to Dragon-i or Prive...there are actually a LOT of clubs around Lan Kwai but for most you need membership or to pay cover charge. Expect to pay around 250/head. Drinks are usually 70 HKD upwards and if you are at the bar you don't really need to tip much...a few bucks is fine.

    The Priory is on Hollywood Road (it's the same as Wyndham St...just keep walking on Wyndham towards Sheung Wan and after awhile it becomes Hollywood Road) and that is nice for hookah and drinks...there's also a stripper pole there!

    SoHo is right next to Lan Kwai...towards Sheung Wan. There are a ton of little bars and lounges around there. Lotus is nice and chill and Yum La is a popular hangout there too.

    There are a TON of places to go...Places don't close until the wee hours of the morning. After you are tired of drinking and dancing you might want to go eat.

    The Flying Pan (http://travellady.com/Issues/April05/1400FlyingPan.htm) is on Old Bailey Street and is 24 hours and serves breakfast foods. Tsui Wah (http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Hong_Kong/Restaurants-Hong_Kong-Tsui_Wah_Restaurant-BR-1.html) is on Wellington Street and serves local dinner food. Go for the Fatty Satay Beef Noodles and a cold Milk Tea there! It closes around 4 am tho. There is Tsui Wah restaurants throughout Hong Kong...around 2 in Causeway Bay alone!

    If you have anymore questions then pelase feel free to PM me. I could go on and on about Hong Kong's nightlife! :P
  3. toiletduck you are my ultimate HK guide thank you :love: I think i will enjoy HK more on this trip :smile: