Hong Kong Meetings -- Photos

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    116.jpg 117.jpg 118.jpg 119.jpg 120.jpg
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    I can't help it, i'm just staring and staring and staring at the heart stopping crocs! is that matte poussiere?

    dreambags takes fab pics!
  4. Nice to see the HK meetings is up and running again! I love to see all the pretty bags and yummy foods of coz. I wish I can join you all soon. Miss you all! More pics more pics plz, dreambags!! hehe
  5. wow wow..........love HKG meet pics , always.....

    Braise Croc ..........and Matte Poussiere Gator..........yummmo........
  6. OMG I miss the Hong Kong meeting!!! I love to meet you all in the future!
  7. :yes:

  8. This bag is stunning!:love:
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    What a fun group...;)
  10. Gorgeous bags! :wtf: :love:
  11. Gorgeous bags gorgeous ppl!
  12. Gorgeous bags !
  13. Love love this bag, it is so beautiful! Thanks DreamBags for your sharing! :biggrin:
  14. i love the long kelly clutch... the color is elegant!
  15. may i know when did the "shirt key chain" issue? hard to find now?