Hong Kong Meetings -- Photos

  1. Very nice!
  2. Hi all,
    I am going to HK in 2months, by Seeing all the beautiful bags from all of you makes me wonder, did you get all the rack order Bags from Hong Kong H stores or somewhere else? is it possible to get a Kelly from the H stores in Hong kong without building a relationship with the SA?

    Thank you!
  3. I'm afraid the answer would be "No". They keeping the bags for those on the waiting list...=_=
  4. That's disappointing!
  5. I think this is the case for almost all Asian H stored except Japan.
  6. May I ask why is that?
  7. I mean if I buy other stuff from the H store HK, I won't get the bag that I want as I m not in their list? I saw a lot of Chinese tourist holding a birkin in the mall last year when I visit! Do you think they mostly get it from the reseller?
  8. This has gone way off topic - back to the subject at hand, which is meet-ups!
  9. Sorry!
  10. ok... can I be in the next meet up? :p and ohhh i'm so new to it, what do you guys chat about? Life? Kids? Hermes?
  11. sigh... I just caught up with the rule,,, unfortunately, I don't have 500 posts yet to join :sad:
  12. Ill be in HK on Aug 3 to 5...any meet ups on these days?
  13. well dears we always have some meet ups periodically.......it's a blast everytime....
  14. Thx for the reminder! =)
    I would also like to know if there is next gathering too.
  15. Hi guys, Which buffet is nice in hk? :smile: