Hong Kong Meetings -- Photos

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    Photos by DreamBags really make things double photogenic!

    Nice meeting all of you today! :flowers:
  2. So many gorgeous bags!!! I miss HK!!!
  3. Thank you, DreamBags, for capturing so many goodies. I missed quite a few of them. Were I there at all? :noggin:
  4. Oh momma! It's a bag feast all laid out like an 8 course lunch. Making me drool....
  5. Hello all. :tup:
  6. Hi hi, miss u. When are you free to join us?
  7. Yes! Totally agree with you! :smile:
  8. thanks dreambags for the pictures...:woot:
  9. Pagent of bags, haha wish I was there to paw all of them la^^

    Cheers everyone, where is the food pics :lol:
  10. Dreambags best photog skills dear!!!
  11. not only paw, but grab and run!

    oh noooo...which one should i grab first? :graucho:
  12. It is red!

    fannaticsydney paid an unexpected visit to Adia Daphne, DreamBags, fanbb, footlocker, Lutz, and LuvBirkin. Pls stay tune for some fab photos...paging DreamBags. ;)
    flowers.jpg grp.jpg
  13. I am here ...........wave wave..........I can smell something nice.........he he he.......
  14. Yeah ! Hong Kong is such a beautiful city ! :tup:
  15. :smile:
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