hong kong LE pony hair bal bag on ebay!

  1. Is the tag supposed to have Hong Kong, October 2005? That's a beautiful bag!
  2. i have no idea, i don't know much about the particular bag, i had just seen ceejay mention it before
  3. omg! that bag is horrible!!!!
  4. Not my cup o' tea either. There is suppose to be a "Hong Kong, Oct 2005" on the metal label. It was made especially for the new Balenciaga boutique that opened that month.
  5. thanks Murasaki. I was beginning to wonder. lol
  6. for some reason it reminds me of being on a farm - if i was to go for the hair b-bags - i think i'd stick with the plain colours!
  7. Hmm... not too crazy about this one.
  8. :lol::lol::lol:
  9. interesting... though i'm not yet conviced with the pony hair collections (can't even imagine how to keep it clean)
  10. I believe it's real (I've played with the real thing a couple times) but the seller has 0 feedback.