Honestly, what do you think of this bag?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. good question ! i dont care for it much & would rather buy something else .

  3. it looks better as a swim suit or wristlet...it does come in those forms!

    i love the carly but i'm going to get it in leather versus that.
  4. I'm glad I'm not alone! :wlae: I guess we can't like them all, right?
  5. I find this bag confusing.. the rope makes me think nautical so I want the tags to actually be paddles to continue the look. I haven't seen this in person though. It may look great on and I'm just missing it.
  6. I am just not into this one.

  7. :yes: thank goodness or i'd be starving and broke :nuts:
  8. a two piece swim suit or one piece? it would be adorable as a swim suit!
  9. I am not an orange fan...love the Carly, love the ropes, hate the pattern...
  10. two piece! :smile:
  11. I think the Carly is beautiful but I'm not really feeling THIS one.
  12. i don't really care for that one.
  13. The Carly is beautiful, but just not in this print which reminds me of a beach bag.
  14. Looks ugly to me, but I will comment more after I see one IRL.
  15. Mmmm...just not feeling it.