Honest opinions needed please

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  1. Can you tell me if you think yellow metals suit my skin tone? I'm super, super fair (freckled and a redhead) with pink undertones to my skin.

    I love how pink gold looks on my skin, it seems to match much better, although because I'm so fair it still stands out. I'm just not sure if the yellow looks attractive on me or if I should have my ring plated in 18k pink gold.

    I guess part of me is hesitant as this was a gift from DH and I don't think he wants me to change it. Do I just need to learn to love it and appreciate something different? Or should I pay to change it?

    Thank you for your help :smile: xx

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468414371.053238.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468414403.803785.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468414430.837291.jpg
  2. How do you define 'not suit you'?

    Do you not like to wear deep yellow clothes? Remember a colour next to our face my make us look bad but it's different for different parts of the body.

    Do you just not like yellow gold? (Rather then it doesn't suit you).

    For what it's worth it looks fine to my eyes but I don't know how you define suiting you or not.
  3. Eta, is it a case of you don't like your jewellery standing out too much hence like the metal to blend in as much as it can to your skin tone?
  4. I think the yellow gold looks good on you! (though I haven't seen pink gold on your skin to compare) I'm also very fair and find that yellow gold suits my skin tone the best but I think I have more yellow than pink undertones. At the same time, you should feel good about the piece-Are you just not used to wearing the yellow gold? Do you not like yellow gold on yourself? Would you want to wear this piece as is or do you think you would wear it a lot more if it was pink gold? Hope this helps! Good luck in deciding :smile:
  5. I think yellow gold and rose gold are beautiful on redheads! I'd want some variety and not all pink gold, so I would definitely keep it yellow gold! But long ago, I told my husband to never buy me jewelry that I had not first screened. So I would keep a wish list handy of things I wanted in case he wanted to buy something. Now he just says to pick out whatever I want and order it! But this way, I only get what I love and he doesn't have the misery of choosing something I dislike and have to return it.
  6. I am also very fair with tons of freckles and bluish tint to my skin and coincidentally have a very similar ring. I wear mine on my right pinky and I think it looks just fine. As fine as it looks on you :tup: Enjoy wearing it.
  7. I think it looks fine. I wear all different colours of gold.

    I have a very fair complexion with strawberry blonde hair naturally.

    Don't think the ring clashes with your skin tone.
  8. I think it looks great on you in YG.
  9. I think it looks lovely on you. Personally, I think yellow & rose gold looks good on pale skin & on redheads. White metals tend to look too cold. I'm dark haired & medium complexion so I wear all 3 colors & will mix my metals at times.

    I also don't think rose gold would accent the emerald eyes very well. I love the style of your ring....looks very retro.
  10. I think it is adorable no matter what tone gold it is!
  11. I think the color green in there helps you a lot, so it could stand as it is. It might need to be sized though, it looks a bit squeezy on your finger....
  12. Thank you for such great responses! I feel a lot better about wearing it as is now; I think you are right, I'm just used to more subtle jewellery and the colour is very eye catching. I do have a very fine yellow gold chain I wear 24/7 but everything else is either pink gold, white gold, silver or stainless steel. But I guess that makes it more unique! So I'll just try and embrace it. It actually looks really nice next to pink gold, and I agree, the tsavorites wouldn't look as good in pink gold either.
    I'm gonna keep it how it is [emoji4]

    Saligator, I had it pushed up a tad as my middle finger is really slim compared to the knuckle size, so the ring tends to spin a bit. But it actually fits my index finger....when I'm not so hot and bloated lol!!
  13. That is such a lovely piece! The stones used for the eyes look so good with the yellow gold - I would keep it for that alone. That being said, I think this piece looks good on you and would really pop if say you were wearing forest or emerald green. I know a lot of redheads don't wear pink or red but this piece would work with those colours as well. Also white, black, yellow...

    Ok, let me stop now . I think you get the picture :biggrin:.
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