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  1. Hi Louis Vuitton lovers!!!

    I am working on my marketing project (due in 5 hours) which is about luxury brands (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Saks, Jimmy Choo, etc). The one and only question I have to answer is what could luxury brands do to improve sales in their stores? Also, I have to create a marketing strategy to help them to increase sales.

    My question for you... what areas would you like to see Louis Vuitton to improve in... that would bring them more profits?
    Besides expanding lines and creating affordable lines like Eva clutches, Delightful, etc.

    I would very much appreciate your inputs on this. Thank you!

  2. Spread the made to order love to all boutiques, and go back to the basics of luxury a good that is expensive due to its exclusivity but also its quality, that is LV should stand behind its product (none of this 1 year limited warranty-but rather a service more similar to that of hermes when it comes to post purchasing)
  3. Increasing their color options...I would love to see the Mahina L offered in non-classic colors like kiwi and electric blue.

    I would also say quit with the price increases.
  4. Oh I agree with that too!
  5. Great ideas!!! :tup: Thank you very much for your input!!!

    I totally agree!!! Thank you for your input!
  6. For a project that's due in 5 hours you sure have a lot of questions. Try to get your projects done on time next time.
  7. Be nicer when customers come in the store. (Some SA are and some are not). I buy more when sales people are friendly to me.
  8. No matter how many times I tell myself to not procrastinate, I still do! :sweatdrop:

    Yeah, great customer service always sells! Thank you for your input!
  9. Stop raising the prices .
  10. Come up with more colors.
  11. Snooty SAs have got to go because I sometimes wonder if they can afford the products themselves
  12. Price increases do have their reasonings though, they are attempting to reduce the flooding of the market. Although at this point they might as well just call it damage control.
  13. Don't keep postponing launch dates. They lost my business this holiday season.