Home hardware- mixing finishes?

  1. I hope this is in the right spot, if not, Mods please move. :yes:

    I am in the seemingly never ending process of trying to finish redecorating/updating my home.

    We recently had the whole house painted a neutral beige-y color. Dark brown hickory floors downstairs, neutral beige carpet with travertine look tile in the bathrooms upstairs. 5 inch tradtional styled base boards with matching door casings. Furniture is traditional/rustic/old world, darker wood tone pieces mixed with rubbed through black finishes. I have the darker finish wrought iron pieces both on the walls and accent pieces throughout.

    Before we started this whole "mess" we originally just wanted to re-do the bathrooms...floors, shower, bath and fixtures. Cabinets and granite counter tops had been placed a couple years ago. We matched the new bath fixtures finish to the existing sink faucets, which is polished chrome. I thought that would have the most longevity before I got tired of it. The kitchen has stainless applicances and hardware. Cabinet pulls are darker, in the same antique rubbed bronze finish as the accent pieces throughout the house.

    My question is this. We threw away all the old builder placed brass and polished chrome door knobs, and the polished chrome towel bars, TP holders, etc. To bring it all together and not make it look too hodge podge, I am thinking that I need to do polished chrome towels bars, TP holders, etc. to tie in the already existing sink/shower/bathtub finishes. I would like to do the door knobs in the antique oil rubbed finish throughout the house to tie in the darkers woods and the accent pieces.

    However, I am questioning my decision. Will it look odd, for instance in my master bath, if I have polished chrome (more traditional styling mind you) on the towel bars, TP holder, etc., along with antique oil rubbed type door knobs & cabinet pulls with that same finish on the accent pieces? Are there "rules" that I need to follow?

    Advice, suggestions? :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Oh, dear! This is when I wish I had gone back to college for a degree in interior design! Your house sounds lovely! You clearly love and cherish your home and that's how I am too.

    I think your combination of antique oil-rubbed door knobs and cabinet pulls along with the polished chrome pieces will work very well together. I see them as complimentary and an enhancement to each other since both are traditional styling. When we were building our house three years ago these are the kind of questions that kept me up at night.

    Congratulations on your re-modelling. I'm sure you're going to enjoy your new space!