Holy grail woes, help a girl out!

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  1. Hi All

    My Louboutin HG has always been the Pigalle Plato in the nude. I went into the department store the other day and by some miracle they had a 35 in stock. I tried it on and although it fits, it is very tight at the toe box. The girl also got me a 35.5 in the black and it fits nicely at the toe area but my feet slips out. Now this could be fixed by putting in a heel grip.

    WHAT SHOULD I DO? Get the 35 in the nude and wait until it stretches or get the 35.5 with the heel grip? I am just afraid the 35.5 will stretch too much and 35 wont stretch enough.

    I am a 35.5 in both Valentino and YSL shoes. I have a slightly wide foot though. Another note, they dont have 35.5 in Nude at the moment which means I have to wait :sad:

    Please help a girl out.

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  2. I'd say the PP is TTS, so if the majority of your other shoes eg Valentinos are 35.5 then you should stick to this size.
    I sold my PP because I thought they'd stretch when I got them in a smaller size. Patent does not stretch much imo, and I hate the feeling of too tight shoes. Snug is fine, but if you also have wide feet and it's already feeling too tight, then go for 35.5
    No HG is worth getting my own feet blistered. That's just my own philosophy though, if the shoe isn't comfortable to begin with (and there's very little I'd compromise for), then I don't even purchase them.

    Best of luck!!
  3. If it fits lengthwise its ok. I had the same problem with my patent Pigalle 120. But with the great tips for streching on this forum they are now much more comfortable. Its unbelievable how much they did stretch with just stuffing it with a few socks for a few days.

    I am pretty sure the nude in size 35 will work out for you. But personally I would just buy both pairs and pad the size 35,5. If I have to decide between black or nude I buy both :smile:
  4. I'm 35 in Valentino rockstuds and 34.5 in pp is tight but worked out for me after 3 wears. It's patent btw.
  5. I`d say go for the 35. Patent does stretch, I know that for sure, so, if they fit lengthwise, you`ll be fine after a few wears. Heel slippage is hard to manage in 120 mm.
  6. I agree with the majority of the posters: size 35.

    I have several pairs of PL and they do stretch over time. I am a TTS 35.5, but for NS, LP, and majority of 120 or higher heels, I get them half a size down.