Holy crap the new bags are on the site!!

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  1. OMG you're right!!
  2. Those CUFFS...:drool:
  3. Ok, what's the difference between moonbeam and oyster?
  4. Holy crap is right.

    But how can the Athena Tote already be on back order?
  5. Oooh new turnlock on wallets flips down now, too!!
  6. The Avion tote is so cute!
  7. I know I know! DROOL! I love all the colors, and the cuffs are fab! Clothes are also on the site! I am loving the dresses....they are lovely!
  8. OMG....Total sensory overload!!!! Look at some of those gorgeous colors!!

    carry-alls in blueberry and logoon!!
  9. Holy crap, it's about time! It's perfect now.
  10. :faint::faint::faint:
  11. old VCP clutch is back for $90
  12. Ms. Liz, you are an excellent detective! Wowzer, those cuffs! Oh man, I'm in trouble. Credit Card debt, or should I say MORE credit card debt is in my future.
  13. WOW, have you guys seen the LINING INSIDE the new wallets!?! IT IS STUNNING!
  14. Crap...I was just reading the some mindful threads.....NOT POSSIBLE!!