Holy Cow.......

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  2. Holy moly!
  3. Wow! That was so crazy it made me laugh a lot, especially after reading her quote.
  4. I know right????? And how about the poor person who repurchased the fake from the boutique? I have no idea how she would be able to do it at so many different store locations within the same brand.
  5. SCARY! Makes a few of the stories I've read about people claiming to have been sold fakes by LV make a lot more sense!!
  6. Wow! :wtf:
  7. Very scary! I know it makes me worried a fake bag could be anywhere- how did she fool so many people so many times. And of course for us honest people it will make returning an authentic bag harder
  8. :nogood: Why can't folks just find a normal hobby? Why does it have to be someone trying to scam others like this lady? :nogood:
  9. Terribly shocking
  10. That is definitely scary and I'm sure she's not the only one doing it. Yikes!!
  11. that's nuts, kind of scary to think you can't even be 100% confident about buying a bag at the store. The picture for the article have mostly LV but the article didn't mention anything about Louis Vuitton Boutique...i thought that's kind of misleading. The SA inspects return item like a hawk.
  12. That is scary! People like her make it harder for the rest of us (honest) folks to make returns.
  13. Oh man! I feel so terrible for the people who bought one of those fake bags from the department store. Thats just crazy :sad:
  14. Some cost "a whopping $2000."

    If they only knew!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.