Holt Renfrew or LV boutique?

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  1. Where do you prefer buying your bags? I prefer holt renfrew because you have 28 days to refund or exchange it if you don't like it. At LV, you can't get a refund, you can only get an exchange or store credit within 14 days.

    I also find the service better at holts, and they also always come around from behind the counter to give you your purchase with both hands.

    When I went to LV, the lady just put my bag on top of the counter, said thanks and left!:wtf:
  2. Wow that's pretty rude!

    Arnott, are you Asian? I wonder because you mention "both hands." I think that's a nice touch too. =)
  3. Yeah, I am asian!:P
  4. "both hands"? I'm asian too but I'm not sure what does this mean?
  5. I prefer LV actually. Holt Renfrew has lost alot of it's appeal for me. They are not very well informed, imo.
  6. I don't know what it means either. Its just nicer when they give it with 2 hands, instead of shoving it your way with one. :P I wouldn't complain if they gave it with only one though! As long as they don't just leave it on the counter like that LV lady!:rant:
  7. i prefer lv also... holt's always seems to be out of everything... plus one of their SAs is pretty rude... havn't seen much of her lately though
  8. Welcome, Canadian's!
  9. I never thought about the difference in exchange policy, but now that you mention it - good point. In fact, they've even allowed me to exchange merchandise from the LV boutique towards something else at the Holt Renfrew LV counter!

    I know lots of people prefer the boutique but in my experience Holt Renfrew service is better. Better exchange policy, more flexible, and the SAs are more friendly and attentive.
  10. i would prefer the boutique coz the LV counters at Holts are tiny, whenever i asked about the bags or straps, there is always a backorder or shipment pending or something. :shrugs:
  11. I don't have LV at our Holt renfrew. I did not know that even existed before this thread. LV is down the street from Holts here.
  12. I see you are from Vancouver too!:wlae:
  13. i heard that the Holts in Montreal don't have LV either. and the last time i was in ottawa, there wasn't LV in Holts either.
  14. And there is no LV at the Holts in Winnipeg either!
  15. i have always preferred the lv boutique. i think i have only bought one bag from the holts in my city...all the rest i take the hour drive to the boutique. its usually b/c the holts has no stock!
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