Hollywould shoes at Target?

  1. Interesting. I never knew she had a line at Target. Looking through the shoes though, I wonder if she actually did the designing of if she just licensed her name. Hollywould shoes are rather girly and a bit whimsical. Those shoes, with the exception of the bubblegum pink on one of the pumps, really don't reflect that, even with that bow.

    Good find though, and at those prices, if they really were comfortable, I wouldn't mind purchasing a pair for under-the-desk work-emergency shoes.
  2. I've seen them and they are very stiff and cardboard-y. I was surprised at how low-quality they looked.
  3. going to check my target for these beauties:

  4. Are those satin? Because I kinda dig the bubblegum pink ones.
  5. I saw similar shoes at H&M yesterday...but in purple! I don't like the peep toe though. But I did try them on and they were very comfy!
  6. I like the idea of bringing big designers to the public, but I am always disappointed at the lack of quality and originality.
  7. I believe they are satin, fendi. I noticed the pink ones first...but the red stuck in my mind. I love these as well...[​IMG]
  8. /agree
  9. i was at Target recently and they had a bunch of bags also.
  10. Cute shoes!
  11. I bought the pink peep toe ones online today...see what they look like IRL. For $29.99...good bar star shoes, anyway!
  12. ^ I almost bought those in black, but I went with these instead.
    They're surprisingly comfortable. I didn't think the bow pumps would be as practical as mary janes, but either way I doubt I'll be wearing patent shoes next year so I wanted something cheap (and these were CHEAP).
  13. i've tried them on..they were"ok" they feel stiff and need a lot of "breaking-in"
  14. I tried on the silver lace ones (only pair in my size) and they were pretty uncomfortable. I wonder if I needed to size up or something.

    those black ones are very nice!