***Holly Robinson Peete's Shoes on Oprah***

  1. I just watched Oprah, and saw the hottest Leopard print and red heel shoes on Holly Robinson Peete.
    Can anyone tell me where I can find them and who's the designer??

    holly1.jpg holly2.jpg
  2. Great minds think alike. I was wondering the same. Maybe D&G ?
    Someone here will know.
  3. I was thinking YSL becasue of the heel...... but I couldn't find anything :crybaby:
  4. I couldn't tell from the pics. They look a little like mine, which are CLs.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. So funny! I was wondering the same exact thing! When she first came out I told my husband that I LOVED her shoes!

    I have some leopard D&G's and her's have that same look...........I dunno......
  7. hmmm, maybe they're guissepe zanotti's. i have a leopard pair with red patent wedge heels. my friend has a similar pair of leopard zanotti's but her's has the red patent stilleto heels.
  8. damn, Rodney's starting to look old!
  9. I saw those shoes too--they were so gorgeous, they were distracting!!!
  10. I saw those shoes too--they were so gorgeous, they were distracting!!!

  11. YSL was my second guess.
    We need to find out!!!
  12. those are similar, but the ones she had on were closed toe, and had a red ankle strap. HELP PLEASE!!!

  13. they look like giuseppe zanotti's to me too!
  14. Good detective work I Love RICE! I was going to say Zanotti - they seem to always have a fun twist to their shoes.

    What's going on with Oprah's shoes? Did they both wear leopard on purpose?