Hole in my Uggs after a few short months

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  1. I bought a pair of Uggs a few months ago from Zappos and after wearing them a few months one boot has a hole in the toe. I really want my money back or a new pair of boots. I'm not sure if I should try to get a refund from Zappos. Also, I noticed in general the quality doesn't appear to be as good on the new boots as the old. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this.

    I have another older pair of Uggs that I've had for years and they are still in great shape. I only replaced the original pair because the light color got so dirty not because there was anything wrong with the boots. Now I switched back to wearing the old pair because the new pair has a big old hole!

    Should I complain and try for a refund or should I just suck it up? Uggs are so comfy and I don't want to have to find another style of cold weather boot. I think boots should be good for at least a season if not more. At the same time I don't want to be a difficult customer.

    eta: I know compared to many other shoes $100 is not a lot but it still kind of chaps my hide that these boots didn't even last the season. And $100 is still a lot of money!
  2. Zappos has great CS, so I would contact them and say they were defective, that's not normal to get a hole after just a few months.
  3. did you get the classic uggs? because suede should not do that since its pretty durable. did you get the crochet?
  4. I'm sure it's defective. I have 2 pairs of the new Uggs and 1 old pair from way back. All are still in good condition even with the snowstorms here in Canada.
  5. Yes, contact Zappos regarding the defective Uggs. Also, try contacting Uggs directly via their own website regarding defective shoes.
  6. Totally contact them. Their CS is great there.
  7. I got a hole in my classic short after a couple of years not months of wearing them. They have since been replaced by me.
  8. You should definitely contact Zappo's. I believe they will replace them or refund your money. I agree they have excellent customer service.
  9. I would ask for a refund/exchange. I've had my UGGs for 2 years now, and not a hole. There aren't any signs of wear at all, actually... and I trek through rain and snow in them!
  10. I tried to respond to this thread earlier but my internet has been spotty.
    I'm going to follow the advice I got here and try to get an exchange or refund on these boots. I'm certain they were defective. Thanks for the opinions!
  11. Just wondering whether you managed to get a refund/ exchange on the Uggs? Its just that I have a pair that seem to be of lower quality than my two previous pairs, the sheepskin is not half as thick and when I curl my toes up in them they really show. They didn't do that in my previous pairs. The boot just feels flimsy and I'm worried that I'm going to get a hole in them soon. I've only worn them three times and they seem to have given quite a lot, when I pinch them between my thumbs they feel thin. I've just spent £140 so I want them to be perfect. However I was unsure if Ugg would deem this as defective. I just don't want to wear them for about a month and then have them wear out on me!
  12. You would need to contact the store where you bought them not Ugg
  13. I've contacted the store and they said they'll send them on to Ugg to have them evaluated, however I was wondering whether or not it is worth the hassle!
  14. Absolutely! You paid alot of money for them
  15. Yeah I agree with everyone, Zappos CS is great I am sure they will work somehting out for you. Good luck la miss and keep us posted.