Hold on to your lunch! Fugly Bluefly bags!


Which of these bags would you most like to throw off a cliff?

  1. ruffle nightmare YSL

  2. sick snake Prada

  3. bum shaped Chanel

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  1. OK......I'm creating this thread in dedication to all of the ugly, unloved bags that end up on Bluefly. Enjoy!

    1.YSL Green Leather Ruffle Mini Baugette- as you can guess from the name, this is not an attractive bag. But at $550, it's a small price to pay for entry into the YSL club- a membership discount I'm sure no one will take.


    2. Prada Green Snakeskin "Patch" large shoulder bag- this one is also green-and ugly. And at $1,840, I'm sure it'll remain on Bluefly for a long time to come to bring a tear to everyone who visits.


    3. Chanel Brown Wool Molded bag- a forum favorite! While Karl was going for a headrest, the only thing he accomplished was creating a bag that looks somewat like a " " (insert your own unflattering comment her). At $1,160, it begs the question: Will Bai Ling have the cash to buy this bag?


    Sorry everyone! I'm not able to get pics on! (I know how to do it too) Oh well.
  2. Well, I certainly see why they are on clearance!
  3. Hahaha! My eyes were like *sound of glass shattering* O_O when the Chanel popped up.
  4. OMG! I can't believe anyone would pay $1000 for that Chanel felt thing! Meanwhile, the Prada looks like a bunch of different snakes started fighting and eating each other then just froze and died that way. The first one actually doesn't offend my sensibilities as much.
  6. the last one looks like a head rest.
  8. the head rest chanel bag is the worst...
  9. [​IMG]FUGLY.
  10. ohhh man, the prada and chanel are the worst. the YSL reminds me of a flower, so it doesn't bother me as much as the first two.
  11. I saw the YSL in a orangish color and liked it very much. The green dosn't do much for me though, but I don't think it's outlandishly ugly.

    The others, well.... I can definitely do without.
  12. Chanel
  13. chanel is the bugliest
  14. Prada:wacko::sick:
  15. I have seen that Chanel on Bluefly for months now. I would be surprised if they could give that thing away.