Hockey Hockey Hockey!!

  1. My SO loves watching hockey...he got me into it. He's a huge Colorado Avs fan.
  2. I'm not a big fan but my hubby sure is! He's a Caps fan. Thanks for the schedule by the way. I bookmarked it for him.
  3. I'm a huge NJ Devils fan, can't wait for the season to start!
  4. Yep, DH is dusting off his ID badge, notepad and off-ice official's coat so he'll be ready to open and close the door of the penalty box on all those naughty Charlotte Checkers. I wish I wasn't so broken down. I really wanted to work Plus/Minus again this year. :crybaby:

    Yes, I know, not NHL, but it's hockey and that means I get spend more time cooking what *I* want to eat!!! ;)
  5. LOVE IT! I've played with the boys when I was younger until I was 16 and I just miss it so much!

    I am so excited!
  6. GO RED WINGS! :yahoo:
  7. i love mats sundin. lol.
  8. did I miss this? Yep, I have been counting down! Go Ducks, 2007 Stanley Cup Champs! Tomorrow I fly to Minnesota for business, now that is hockey land! Can't wait until season opens!
  9. Too funny!!

    Nope, not ready for hockey yet. I just came back from The Milwaukee Brewers baseball game where they won 9-1 over the Cards. Cubs lost so we are 2 games out. Still in it!!

    4 home runs tonight - woo hoo!!
  10. i work at the ducks tranning facility so i am definitly ready.

    i love watching the pros play but i love watching my bf play a lot more.

    he is ready as well today he arrived home today from his trip to his home town buffalo and brought back a huge sabres flag and first thing he did was hang it up. he's so cute
  11. Too bad no NHL here in Seattle, so when I'm not cheering on our Seattle Thunderbirds (Junior Hockey, suppliers to the NHL) I route for the Canucks...BUT my secret boyfriend is (Colorado) Avalanche Captain JOE SAKIC, yum yum.

    Prada Psycho....any chance you can work +/- for your Checkers??
  12. :drinks: yep
    :woohoo:GO RANGERS!
  13. I'm a Leafs fan. It's getting harder and harder to say that with pride.
  14. ^ I am SO with you on that one. I'm a Leafs fan too.