Hobo Spy scraped off!!!I need help

  1. Last January I bought a chocolate Hobo Spy, very very nice.
    In winter I wear more Louis Vuitton so I started to use it from now.
    After 4 or 5 times I noted that It is scraped off on both side and the skin under was "pink".
    I underline that I take care of my purses, I did not take rain or other, I used it like all my others bags...
    Anyway, I went immediately to the Fendi shop and they suggested to change the damaged part.
    I suggest them to keep back the bag and call me when they will have a better idea.
    Now my (ex) Hobo Spy is in Florence waiting for a decision.
    Really I don't know if I will accept a new Hobo Spy (I like the chocolate version only but may be that version is out of production), I'm disappointed.
    What can I do?
    If Fendi will suggest to change the hobo with other bag, which bag could take the place of my (poor) hobo?
    Did anyone happened something similar?
    Thank you for your help.
    Melina:cry: :cry:

    p.s. sorry for my english
  2. hi, do you have pics?
  3. I've heard about uneven color as a result of the dyeing process, but scraping off? Hm...pictures will surely help.
  4. Wow--that is really terrible. I have not had a problem with my regular Spy. I don't have the hobo type. Maybe it's a defective bag and only an isolated incident (hopefully!).
  5. Sorry, I do not have pictures.
    The bag now is in came back home in Florence...
    May be is a defective bag:sad: :sad:

    What do you suggest? A change with other bag?

  6. I would ask them will this happen again with a new hobo spy? If they inform you that this may happen again, then of course chose a different bag.
  7. I think they will most likely just comment that they may not be able to guarantee that there will be nothing wrong with the new one as well.
  8. I'm shocked and so angry!:censor:
    I've just received the answer from Fendi in Florence: "we are sorry we can not do anything for your bag because we think that It's depends on the wear. Eventually we can paint over where is scraped off"
    That's all.
    The shop in Venice said me "you have reason, It's not depends on us, we suggest you to consult a lawyer.
    I'm so dismayed because It's the first time in my life that a famous brand (!!) treats me so bad.
    First: do they really think to "paint" my bag? We are talking of what? I spent more than 700 euros for this Spy - the bag is now - I don't know why- ruined and they suggest me to paint the bag?
    Second: the shop - Fendi shop - not consider himself responsible and suggest me to take a lawyer?
    They also gave me the Customer Service number and name of the person to send my official letter - so I have the insult added to injury.

    What do you think? What do you suggest me?

    Sure, from now I will publicize badly the Fendi brand, but what about my Hobo Spy painted?


    pls help me:crybaby: :crybaby:
  9. Melina ~~ So sorry that Fendi did not help you out at all with this! Could you take pictures and post them so we may see the defects? I guess if all they have to offer is painting the bag, then I would try it.
  10. wow- Thats horrible....post pics for us so we can understand the problem better..so sorry for you!
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your bag. I encourage you to post pics like Jill has suggested because maybe someone on tPF has experienced this and can recommend a solution to your problem.

    wow, I am honestly shocked at the customer service at Fendi. If anything, they should just replace the item for you, not suggest you get a lawyer. I'm glad I returned my honey spy and didn't get the hologram one in it's place.
  12. Do you have pictures? I would feel sad if they treated me in that manner too.
  13. Thank you for your support.
    I'm sorry I did not take pictures, I don't why...When I discovered the damage I was so angry so I went immediately to shop.
    Anyway, this morning the Fendi Customer Service called me asking my intentions.
    I explained to the lady at phone that I used the bag few time and It's impossible that the skin is scrapped.
    She repeted me the same story I heard from the shop that some experts analysed the bag and concluded that It's depends on the wear because the skin is delicate and light. The skin was treated for a vintage effect and of course It's normal if you wear the bag near a belt...
    She suggest me at the end to sobstitute both sides and she guarateed that the bag will come back new.
    I asked a letter where they guarantee the perfect result otherwise I will refuse the bag.
    I'll let you know.
    Certainly I'll never buy again a Fendi bag.:sad:

  14. Oh, gosh, Melina--what a nightmare for you! I'm hoping that they work a miracle on your bag & it comes back to you looking like new. :angel:
  15. I'm so happy!! :yahoo: I've just pick-up the hobo from the Fendi shop in Venice and surprise! They did not repaired the bag as told before...they gave me a NEW HOBO SPY!
    It's better than first mine because the skin is perfect, sickness the color is darkness.
    too much rush for nothing...why?
    I'll post you the picture tomorrow so you can see the bag.