Hobo at BG, what do you think?


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
I sort of wish I didn't have my whiskey, otherwise I would jump on this one. I think the color is stunning, but probably too bright for me. What do you think, ladies and gents?


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It's very pretty, but I ordered an ivory hobo a few weeks ago, and it went back. The pad lock was too heavy for the bag, and just sat right on top of the bag. You couldn'y even see the pad. There was just a heavy sag in the middle of the bag. Does that make sense? Basically, it hung really awkward. The satchel is much cuter IMO. Don't have regrets about the whiskey, it's beautiful!
Oh wow! I think it's stunning too!!! I'm really partial to red, well, it is my favourite colour;) So, I tend not to think any red is too bright. But depends on what your own comfort level is. What sort of red is that really though? I know some colours can be very difficult to photograph and red is notorious for showing up all kinds of different hues and shades when pictured. I was trying to capture my Balenciaga F/W 05 rouge as that's a really luscious colour but everytime, it came up a hot red, not the cooler raspberry red it is at all.

Have u seen this colour IRL?
Ooh... Boxy - I am glad you said that. It makes me not want it so much!

Serenity - I haven't seen it in rl, I just think the picture makes the red look luscious. Probably not for me though because I'm not that flashy usually. I would also worry about color rub off. I have a red coach messenger and I find that it tends to rub off on my clothing because I wear lots of lighter colors for my tops.

I still think it's beautiful though!
Would not advise purchase... The bags that pop up now are typically returns and have appeared to be in "slightly used condition" according to those that have purchased recently (including that exact red bag).