Hoabout a Birthday club for our forum members?

  1. O.K........ last night when I jumped into bed I had an idea:idea: What do you think about me creating a Birthday Club for the all of us forum members who would like to be a member. Now, please tell me your true thoughts and suggestions, good or bad I would love to hear them.
    This is my idea. Since we are all basically purse addicts, and for the most part costly purse addicts, I thought if we all got together on that special forum members B-day and donated what ever we could ( we can discuss the amount further later) the B-day girl could purchase what ever bag she would like and it would be especially from us! I will keep track of whos B-day it is and send posts a week or so ahead of time. But the most important factor is honesty here, Only one B-day a year ladies:lol:
    Let me know what you think and if you are interested or have comments, please let me know your comments and suggestions. You can personally e-mail me and I will get this whole Club underway. :biggrin:
  2. With over 3,600 member, this may be costly. Cute idea though :P
  3. A minimum of a 10 cent donation wouldn't break the yearly bank for each of us. Those could afford more could give more, then the birthday girl would be well on her way to a new LV...
  4. OOPS, my thread is spelled wrong. Sorry everyone! I was thinking if we could get different groups together with 1 leader per group, lets say in groups of 15 or 20, it would work out pretty good. Do ya think:amuse: :biggrin:
  5. As much as it's a nice idea, I agree with Vlad. There are just way too many people on the forum, and it would be really hard to make it an even/fair system.
  6. We do have a list of when people have their birthday's at the bottom of the main forum page!
  7. It's a lovely idea but with just the existing members and just donating 10 Cent that would make 428,46$ to pay for each member and as well be the present. May be it would work if we make groups like suggested
  8. i agree, the idea is cute but pretty hard to pull off. but we should have a secret santa game next christmas :smile:
  9. Hmmmm...... I see the point everyone is making, it does make sence. I really think it could work with a little hard work on my part though. Just keep it in mind and if you are interested, I'll do my best to get a group together.
  10. I like that idea! :biggrin:
  11. Oooh secret santa would be awesome, but December is so far away !
  12. i like your idea ranskimmie
  13. How about a secret summer santa game in July? Far enough away to plan and right when we miss Christmas?
  14. I agree, a secret santa would be so fun. But I was hoping we could get something going way before then:sad2: . Sort of a year around kind of fun:nuts: . And then when it gets closer to Christmas, we can create a secret santa too. What do ya think:amuse: ?
  15. Im all for it! What are your suggestions and how do we do this?