Hmmhhh The Damier Alma is getting my Attention.

  1. Hey GUys i finally purchased my Damier Azur speedy 30yeah !!! and i still want the damier speedy but lookin at the visual aids. IM loving the Damier Alma wow its beautiful. What do u guys think the Damier speedy or alma.... THis Forum is the devil!!!!!! But this is a sinful treat!!!
  2. Both are beautiful bags. I personally love the shape of the Alma. Since you already have a speedy, why don't you go for the Alma?
  3. I would pick the damier alma since you already have a speedy. The damier alma can be dressed up or down. It's a gorgeous bag.
  4. same here...why not go for the alma :yes:
  5. I have a Damier Speedy 25 and a Damier Alma - go for the Alma, it's such a classy bag!
  6. Damier Alma! It's such a gorgeous classy bag.
  7. damier alma!! :smile:
  8. ITA!!! im getting my speedy this month but i cant stop looking at the alma, i want the black epi alma, so il hold out for that!
  9. I like the structured-ness of the alma, but when I saw it irl it's so small, it won't even fit my papers :sad: The speedy 30 has much more room. But if you already have a damier azur speedy, and don't mind that it's somewhat small, I'd get the alma.
  10. i have the damier alma. it is my favorite lv bag (for now).
  11. The Damier Alma is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  12. I prefer the Damier Alma to the damier Speedy.
  13. Alma! :yes:
  14. ALMA Especially since you already have a Speedy. The Damier Alma is so classic and chic looking. I just love it!
  15. Every time I see someone carrying the Alma I'm struck by the classic shape, and end up wanting one. It's a really beautiful bag!