Hmm...So the Mirior Keepall came out in 2000?

  1.'s true look at the date where it says YEAR...

    Sylvie Fleury - Past Auction Results

    I bet that's a heavy Keepall...

    The same artist who will redesign the new Keepall for the Sylvie Fleury had done a Bronze with silver plated Keepall in 2000 for an art gallery...and now MJ has taken inspiration from that 6 years later, and designed the Mirior Monogram...

  2. is MJ running dry on ideas? i hope not i have faith in him!!!!
  3. very interesting indeed! i quite like that Keepall sculpture..... reminds me very much of Jeff Koons :yes:
  4. VERY interesting indeed!!!:wtf:

    ohhh MJ!!!:crybaby:
  5. Wow. Didn't know that.
  6. It´s very probable he has never seen that before :biggrin:
  7. OF COURSE HE SAW IT! She was the inspiration for the Miroir Line! She re-invented 1 of the 9 iconics bags!
  8. Okay:lol: Chill out, I had no idea about this, I thought he supposedly got inspiration of it.
  9. If I had been in MJs position & saw that beautiful sculpture, I would have wanted to make it a reality too. How could he look at that & not see what a beautifuk bag it would be?
  10. If you go to the Vuitton Website, you will see a page with the list of names of the artists who have been commissioned to "recreate" the iconic shapes of LV. Fleury did this as a sculpture years ago, and it's a no-brainer on LV's part to pick up on it.
  11. They have something on the French site...but you can barely see anything!
  12. LV this season is all about recreating old traditions, bringing back the basics what can I say...
    Everything is a cycle !
    Hey I think 2000 was a perfect year for space/moon themes... too bad I wasn't aware of LV then lol....
  13. well.....if it's true.....then they're not so bright anymore....(referring to both MJ and the bag lol)
  14. i agree with yorelica.:yes: