1. I picked up a wonderful black leather bag at the outlet yesterday. It's labeled as "HML zip top" and I can not for the life of me figure out what HML is!! It's driving me crazy. I'm going around and around with myself trying to decide if I should keep it or take it back, but I was just wondering if anyone else knew what line this is from?
  2. HML = Hamilton
  3. Hamilton!!! Holy cow, I could not think of that. I was like "Hampton? No wait, that can't be it" but it's the only H I could think of. Thanks so much!
  4. Yeah but most sellers and ebayers don't use Hamilton.
  5. I noticed that a long time ago and always wondered why. Do you know? :confused1:
  6. It's probably because they don't know enough about Coach bags and think that because the label say HML that's what it is called.
  7. HML = Hamptons Leather

    Hamilton is not a Coach collection.:wtf:
  8. Actually Hamilton is. Some store labels say Hamilton on them. They are from the outlets.