HK prices for Chanel 2.55 (Quilted Classic Flap)

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  1. Hi, i'm going to HK in 2 weeks and i'm hoping to buy a 2.55 (medium). Anybody know what the current price is? Either in HKD or USD.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. sorry i cant help with prices but just wanted to say 'you lucky thing!!' Thats my HG bag - but i dont think i could ever afford one. Its funny, i'm cool to spend up to a grand but over that and i cant do it. sigh.
  3. oh i've always dreamed of having a chanel bag. it's one of those little girl things :P i am a financial analyst by profession and still in my 20s, and although i am usually very practical as i only have mid-priced louis vuittons, guccis and marc jacobs, i think it's time to get the ultimate(well, THE ultimate for ME - hermes and goyards aren't really my thing, although i might get a st. louis pretty soon for very cheap) as the dollar weakened and i think this is the right time for me to buy it and it's christmas!
  4. lamb skin is HK$19900, caviar is HK$18600. Hope it helps
  5. this is great, thanks!!!!! :smile:
  6. When i bought my Cav it was 18900 :S from a Chanel boutique too.
  7. is it still the price after the increase?
  8. Are chanel bags cheaper in Hongkong? Some say its cheaper in HK than in Europe...
  9. Not sure about other countries but it's around 500AUD cheaper than Australia.
    The prices post-increase:
    - med/large cav = 18900
    - med/large lambskin = 19900
    - e/w cav = 14900 (not sure bout the lambskin)

    HTH :smile:
  10. thanks for the price, guys!! so excited to go to HK!!