HK Chanel Addicts: my flap, to bring or not to bring on vacation to HK? *PIX

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  1. currently debating if i should bring my chanel flap during my trip to HK next month.

    i was talking to my friend in HK, i was told that many teenager in HK now uses Chanel flaps (fakes!:tdown:) ... influenced by HK local model Janice Man & Angelababy.

    i'm originally from HK, small frame 5'3", dresses casual (tee+jeans+flats). i don't want to be labeled as a part of the "crowd".

    any suggestions?

    i'm not too fond of their style/way of dressing..... :dots:

  2. :graucho: just do your stuff.
  3. Just carry what you like. But it gets quite crowded in HK though, esp during weekends. Are you comfortable with your Chanel getting into contact with sweaty individuals?
  4. HK is sooooo crowded and busy that I don't think anyone will even have time to stop and look at you..! I wouldn't worry about being labeled as anything...if u're there for a holiday then u should bring u want to bring and worry about enjoying urself. I brought my caviar jumbo to HK and didn't have any problems~
  5. I would just bring it and rock it, the people who KNOW their Chanels will know yours is real :tup: and won't label you as "part of the crowd" and what not.

    There's always going to be fakes whereever you go in the world so just don't mind them and wear your Chanel proudly, lol

    Have an awesome vacation!
  6. Enjoy your vacation!
    Personally, I am too busy when on vacation, to care what people think about me.
  7. I'm planning to carry my 2.55 when I go back to Taiwan for my vacation (wedding shopping) this coming Dec ...:beach:
    I agree with lvdevyn, there's fake no matter where you go.. You should enjoy your Chanel whenever, whereever!
  8. I bought mine last Nov to HK. I love to travel & enjoy the city life since I can dress up nice, rather than just wearing jeans everyday. I bought my Fendi vanity bag with me also - that I could alternate with my DS reissue (plus I got 2 weddings to attend last time).

    Since I spent most of the time shopping in Central, TST & Causeway Bay, people are more well dressed. Only when I went MK, I wouldn't wear my reissue. I don't want the curry fish ball sauce to ruin my reissue LOL!:P

    Just want to add - I packed both my Chanel & Fendi in its own dustbag & all in my carry-on messenger bag. So, they are with me all the time :yes: PS. remember to check out SOGO, they got amazing sales last time I were there (not Chanel though). Enjoy shopping till 11pm or even later on the street! :tup:
  9. Who cares about Angelababy and Janice Man? The real Chanel loving crowd has no time for rubbish celebrities like them. Carry your Chanel and carry it proud.
  10. i brought my dark silver reissue and my cream colored classic to HK in july.. i only wore those at night when i went out to dinner. i didn't want it to get dirty during the daytime because it was waaaay too crowded. plus, i didn't want to chance that someone would pull it off my shoulder.
  11. Interesting.. my mom actually told me to do the opposite... She said that it's best to bring the nice bag out in the day time and crappy bag at night.. because a lot ppl uses designer bags (especially LV) when she shops in the malls in tw and the thieves are more hesitant to steal during the day since it's pact with ppl.. But at night, more thieves steal purses...

    Just my 2 cents...
  12. LOL well said.
  13. i live in HK and i think you should bring your chanel!
  14. :tup: Exactly!!!
  15. :ty:

    YAY :yahoo:! thanks for all your posts! i agree with you all!
    i will bring my beloved Chanel flap with me to HK & carry it proud!!!
    gotta bring her out to see the beautiful city! teheheeeee

    I can't wait till September... shop till i drop in HK!!!!!!!!!! :party:

    thanks for your tips! i will for sure hand carry my purses & keep them close to me at all times! hehe i think will try my best to avoid going to MK! i don't want my Chanel to eat curry fish ball sauce! :roflmfao: