Hirschliefer's sale, what did everyone get?

  1. Did anyone get anything from this sale besides foxycleopatra and I? If so, what did you get?

    We both snatched black calfskin on black reporters for $1905 each! I have to wait until Monday to get mine:sad: , but I'll definitely post pictures as soon as its safely here with me!
  2. Did anyone get anything?! It's 40% off all cambon colors!
  3. What? Did they have any black medium totes?
  4. I was told medium totes weren't on sale; it was just the smaller bags and then the bigger bags.

    If someone can contest this, I'll be very PO'd at the SA who told me that!!!
  5. Yes I was also told it was only selected bags & no wallets or flats. Anyone hear differently?
  6. Oh, I didn't know it was select merchandise. All I really asked about was the reporter :shame:

    Anyone know what was included in the sale specifically?
  7. I asked for the bowler and camera case, and was told only reporters on sale. If the SA was wrong, I'd be really upset!

    Anyone who was able to get any thing other than reporters on sale, please post.
  8. A very nice SA at Hirschliefer's sent pictures of the chanel handbags they had on sale- pm me your email and I will send them.
  9. Here's the pictures Joeyjimmy sent me! They are from a lovely SA named Irene, who I definitely recommend asking for if you call or visit. I apologize for the large pictures, but the files were 'invalid' when I tried to attach them. (?) I've never had this problem before, so I don't know what's wrong.

    I'll post more in a few minutes!
  10. i can't see the pics
  11. I don't know what's wrong with these pics or my computer? For some reason they won't upload, and they don't even show up on here.. I've never had trouble with pictures on here. Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong?
  12. I can't see them, either.
  13. Can't see them either. Can you describe them?
  14. can't see them either.
  15. Here's what's there:
    Small white/python tote
    Medium white/black tote
    Black/white reporter
    Small Pink Messenger Pouchette
    Pink Camera Bag
    Two fur purses that I've never seen before, one pink one black and white
    Another one I've never seen that looks like a hard coin purse
    Also, two multicolor bags that I've seen, I just don't know the name of: they have a eiffel tower in sequins on them, one is a flap and the other looks like a small tote

    If anyone knows what these last three are, let us all know!