Hip Bag or Swing Pack??

  1. So I've been wanting a swing pack for a lil while now, primarily for traveling. I'm not madly in love w/ the shape but it it is pretty cute and functional.

    But I just came across the hip pack online and I think it would suit me so much better! I like the fact that it doesn't have the logo and that I wear it like a pouchette too. I like the east-west shape better and the two pockets in the front are too cute. Has anyone seen this in real life? Thoughts?

    I few questions I have:

    -What's the fabric like? It says "Weather-resistant fabric with suede and leather contrast trim" but it looks like nylon
    -Is the strap long enough to wear it across the body? The description says it can but it's 32" vs. 50" for the swing pack


  2. The bag is made out of a nylon... it is already treated, but the lighter colors tend to get dirty fast. The black holds up better, but u will see a lot more wear to it. Imo I prefer the swing pack in the patchwork or the signature. The swing packs hold up better, and are great for travel.
  3. I have the swing pack and it's great for travel, amusement parks, the zoo. It's not my favorite bag I own, but I find I use it quite a bit, it's held up great over the last year, despite having gotten wet, it never gets dirty.
  4. idk about the hip bag but I have an all leather swing pack that might suit you better than the signature if you don't like the logo...otherwise, the hip bag is cute and I think the black would be best
  5. I would go with the swing pack. I looks like it would hold up better. I would worry about the hip bag being too bulky.