Hilary Duff's Rainy Day Song Inspiration!

  1. Hilary Duff says seeing people waiting for the bus in the rain made her want to write a song called 'Where's Your Dignity?'.

    The actress-and-singer's track 'Where's Your Dignity' was believed to be a swipe at her ex-lover Joel Madden's new girlfriend Nicole Richie.

    However, the 19-year-old has revealed the inspiration for the song came long before Nicole was on the scene.

    Hilary told Britain's OK! magazine: "My manager played the song for me and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this song's going to be called 'Where's Your Dignity?', because I had been thinking about that line for a while.

    "There was this song I was thinking about writing once. It was raining and I was in my car and I saw these people waiting for the bus and it made me really sad. Public transportation is pretty cool anywhere else, but in Los Angeles it sucks.

    "And on top of that, it was raining. I was like, they probably worked all day long and then they're riding the bus, and it's raining. Things like that can affect you - I didn't end up writing a song about it, though."
  2. Publicists can spin anything these days. I think its about Richie.
  3. Interesting. I think it's about NR as well.