High Street Bags at ridiculous prices - is it the It Bag effect?

  1. Here's something I find really annoying - anytime one of the British high street stores puts out a leather bag (usually really cheap, smelly leather) :yucky:they always overcharge for it. River Island is the worst - just because they are overdesigned with a few studs and straps they think they can charge up to £120. :cursing: I think its the IT bag effect - they see that people are willing to spend £££££'s on a designer bag so they bump up their prices thinking...what? That people WANT to spend £120 on a bag :confused1:
    Now, fair enough if you fall in love with one of these bags, but I think they are SUCH a rip-off. I say if you are going to spend that much, take a walk to a high end store and look at their handbags from the real designers, who make their bags with original designs and impeccable craftsmanship (and in most cases built to last) and think of that £120 as a down payment.
    Or go on eBay ;)

    OK rant over :flowers:
  2. I haven't shopped in River Island in years, lol, so I can't speak about them. However, I have noticed that some high street shops are selling more expensive bags, but they are good quality leather.

    e.g. I was eyeing a bag in Jigsaw this summer that trned out to be £120. The leather was really nice and supple, but I didn' get it in the end because it was a bit smaller than I would have liked.

    The last british high street bag I bought was from Jones the bootmaker for £50, It was a faulous leather clutch and well worth it.

    Just as a side thought - maybe the ridiculous prices you've seen are not only the result of "it-bags" but also because younger people have more disposable income these days?

    I might not have noticed it myself because I have become more selective about where U buy my bags over the past couple of years. I don't have to buy designer but they must be well made, and not too trendy.

  3. I know what you mean - most of the time when I've bought those leather bags (i.e Oasis) I got them half price. But I know what you mean... my bag broke (mainly because it was a bit to heavy but it was clear they didn't make it reinforced enough) I usually go to charity shops and find leather bags for at most £3. I can't bring myself to spend the full whack at Topsop etc.
  4. Nowadays I wait till I go abroad, especially Italy before I buy bags. you get something different from the High Street which is likely to be cheaper and better quality.
  5. I should say that I was referring to shops such as Oasis, River Island, Top Shop, where the market is often younger and more "trendy" not Jigsaw, Hobbs, etc which tend to be for slightly older women who favour classic styles and better materials. I just dont think the materials, designs and craftmanship of the River Island etc style bags are worth it.
    But that's just my opinion. :flowers:
  6. I totally agree...i haven't bought a bag in river island in a long time as i dont think it is worth £120! yeh the design is nice etc but it doesnt look like it will last a long time! i remember a few years ago where their bags were relatively cheap.. you can use a few times to go with the trend but not now! totally not worth it!

  7. I'd be aghast to see any bag at Oasis, River Island, or Top Shop at ~£120. thought UI haven't browsed in any of those shops in years, lol! Do they have websites?

    *off to look*
  8. Ok, seen 'em. I'll stick to vintage and foreign for £120 :p
  9. Ok now tell me where to get a great foreign bag at that price, lol :drool:
  10. I was thinking more of waitinbg till one goes on holiday particularly, europe and buying bags would be cheaper and better made, and a bit more unique.