High Heel Sneaker - Again

  1. Ok, last week we saw Fila's version of a high-heeled sneaker. Today I found this one on Ebay. I love Chanel but I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this shoe!
  2. computer says no.
  3. Ewwww!!! :sick: :sick: :sick:
  4. uggghh....I hate closed to shoes at the best of times...these are dreadful.
  5. ewwwwwww.. I don't like it! Maybe it would look better if it was a higher heel and different too.. (stiletto or maybe a stacked heel)
  6. eewww..My Chanel ballerinas just vomited up its CC'S..all over my carpet...LOL...one look at those and...BLECK!
  7. Or maybe without the shoelaces...or the black and yellow, or not at all....:yucky:
  8. hideous:yucky::sick:
  9. Speaking of ugly shoes, (and yes those definately are:smile:, has anyone ever been to the shoewawa site? They do an ugly show of the week, funny stuff, and some seriously fugly shoes :biggrin:
  10. Yikes. They almost look like PeeWee Hermans platforms. (Sweet! This was my 3001th post!)
  11. Ew
  12. Are you sure those are real? I can't see Chanel making something that horrendous.

  13. Maybe it out look better if it wasnt there at all. The entire shoe I mean.:yucky:
  14. Wow ! that doesn't look like a Chanel design to me. Looks to ghetto.:blink: