high-end watch/timepiece - buying on the grey market?

  1. Would you buy a $10k+ watch from a gry market dealer. Not sure what the difference is between grey and authorized. It is definately stil the same watch and not the black market.

    I am just wonder if Alan Furman Watches will still cover the watch or if Carier will still honor service on the watch.
  2. Every watch sold on the grey market was once sold at an AD, this is (at least at 99 out of 100 brands) the only way to get such a watch. This means in 99 out of 100 cases the grey market dealer also bought the watch from an AD. If the grey market dealer is reputable he will insist on getting the guarantee papers filled out and stamped correctly. In this moment the manufacturers guarantee starts, no matter if the owner changes afterwards (at least if there is no owners name written in the papers). A completly different thing is that you often get strange looks when you tell an official service center that you bought the watch on the grey market, the manufacturers simply don't like the fact that a third person did earn money through the watch, but hey: that isn't your problem.

    So what is a grey market dealer: Someone who has a good relationship to one or more ADs, he buys large amounts of merchandise there every year and through this gets better prices than me and Bobby McGee. He can resell the watches at a lower price than the AD because he usually doesn't need to pay for a 5th Ave store, a workshop, employees, advertising etc..

    The decision whether you buy on the grey market or from an AD is your own. I'm more the AD guy, because I'm not after the last penny, though most of my friends buy on the grey market, even 20000$ watches. I'm OK with my way, they're fine with their way, you'll have to find yours.
  3. Usually you do not get the manufactures warranty buying off the grey market. I figure if you're going to spend that kind of $$ on a watch, just buy it from an AD. A lot of times you can negotiate with an AD and pay less than the grey market and get all the perks that go along with buying from an AD.
  4. I'm not from the US, so I don't know for sure if it's any different over there (which I cant imagine). But in Europe you'll get the full manufacturers warranty if the guarantee papers are legit (date filled in, stamped and signed by the AD), actually this is what I meant: ADs try to make you insecure by telling you stuff like this. Sure, you wanna know why? Because they'd love you to spend 15k at their place instead of anywhere else. But belive me, I know some grey market dealers and customers and have never heard of any problems in case something was wrong with the watch and it had to be repaired within the warranty period.
  5. Its the same as in Europe. You wil get a MUCH better price buying from the grey market than the AD. As you get older, the ego trip from buying from the AD diminishes when you realize how much money you have in your pocket compared to the AD's which you got nothing more for. A grey market dealer will usually give you twice the warranty that the AD does.
    I am looking for a white Chanel Ceramic with diamonds right now from a very reputable grey market seller. I'll never buy from an AD again, I & DH have watches worth well over 10K.
    There is a jewelry show at the Mirage starting Aug 13th to the 16th. This show bring in grey market sellers/diamond brokers who sell to jewelry stores. If you have a business card, you can get in to look & buy. This show happens twice a year, again in late Feb early March.
  6. Cartier would not guarantee - You would only get a *2-year* warranty with Alan Furman.

    Call around to local authorized dealers (from the Cartier website) that are not Cartier-only jewelers. They might be able to match or come close to grey market price. Bargain bargain bargain! If you are buying an automatic or mechanical watch I'd definitely want to have the manufacturer's lifetime warranty. I'd say anything quartz should be OK to purchase grey market.
  7. As I said, the grey market dealers that I know will make shure that the AD, from which they bought the watch, stamps the warranty certificate. Maybe that those in the US don't. But if the warranty papers are filled out correctly you DO HAVE WARRANTY FROM THE MANUFACTURER (and yes, even Cartier)

    P.S.: You only should buy where you're feeling good for yourself, if you think that after the purchase you might not be 100% satisfied you probably should buy at an AD. As I said, it's your decission, some like it this way others that way. There is no general answer to the question "AD or grey market"
  8. I have seen more grey market cartier watches than any other brand.
    My discounts have ranged from 50% off to 75% off. (The one for 75% off was the last one he had, he was tired of looking at it & I have been a great customer.) These discounts are too good to pass up. (DH went to look at a Rolex from an AD & they offered him 10% - which I've heard discounting is against Rolex's agreement.)
  9. Where can a person find a reputable grey market dealer that has had the certificates filled out? PM me if needed.
  10. Me too.

    Thank you
  11. so would websited like jomashop.com considered black market? They're much cheaper than official stores but authentic.
  12. Wowww, don't confuse blackmarket and greymarket...

    As mentioned before, I'm not from the USA, so I don't know about the reputation of US dealers. I can only tell you about some from Germany and Switzerland. Sorry!
  13. jomashop is grey market
  14. How do you know if a store is grey market?