Hi, New and need opinions :)

  1. Hi there Coach experts! Im NEW to the world of coach bags. I only have a basic black leather hobo (small) and I just bought a large duffle that I LOVE at an outlet store in Puerto Rico (I was on vacation).

    My question is, does anybody know how old the large signature duffle in tan/khaki with gold leather is? I havent seen it anywhere online and none of the stores/outlets around here have it. Is it still made? I love the look of it but it is too small for my needs I think. I have a toddler and although I dont need a diaper bag, I think the duffle is just too small. I got it for 180 bucks though..is that a good deal?

    I was thinking of trading up to a signature stripe. They said I could special order it w a gold stripe. (I really like gold and tan) Im afraid that the signature stripe will get dirty quick as it is not leather lined on the bottom? Any experiences w that?

    What I really want to do is keep the duffle for "light pocketbook duty" days, and get a signature stripe for "almost a diaper bag" days. But I think my husband will be sick to his stomach (Im not working currently) So I really can only keep one. What should I do??
    I can post pics of my bag if the description isnt clear.

    I guess my question is, is there something special about the signature w gold leather and that is why I cant find it anywhere around here? Is it worth keeping or is it something that is always made? Or would I be better off trading up for something roomier Id use more.

    thanks!! :smile: Im afraid this could be the start of a bad habit!!
  2. i didnt think that sig stripe in gold was still aviliable. but as a diaper bag i would advise against it because its a dog leash closure, meaning no zipper at the top so if the bag falls over allllll of the stuff has the possibility to fall out. signature fabric doesnt get dirty too often and is very easy to clean with the signature fabric cleaner ($10)

    as for the other bag, can you post a pic to give us (well me) a better idea of what you are talking about.

    ps welcome to TPF
  3. Ah, thanks! True about everything falling out! Didnt know about that. Is there any other style that would be good for over the shoulder, and about the size of a small diaper bag? Like maybe the size of a small signature stripe but w a better closure? Im trying to fig out how to post a pic. Im dying to know when my current bag was made. Thanks! :smile:
  4. the hamptons weekend line. depending on how much you carry you can get the tote or the multifunction tote. you can get a carly (probably a large). or even the coach diaper bag!
  5. Have you considered a gallery tote? That zips close on top, as well.

  6. Mokoni yes yes!! that is IT how in the world did you find that? I searched forever! Is that an old bag? Anybody know?

    Batgirl, the Carly I do like! I bought my sister a small one of those. That in gold might be perfect! If I cant get gold though I dont know what Ill do. I need something w some flash. Ill have to check out that Hamptons. I def like the tan/golds though. You guys know your stuff that is for sure :smile:
  7. The Gallery Tote is cute, I think I need something a little bit more "gaudy" though :smile: hhehehee Its "too" classic for me? Do I sound crazy?
  8. The photo of the creed isn't the best but I think maybe it's from 2005.

    So you definitely only want something with metallic gold leather? Did you see the Carly in signature/gold yet, like batgirl suggested?


    Or, here is the Hamptons (also suggested by batgirl) :yes:

    Or, what about this? This is very cute and a shoulder tote would work but, again, it doesn't zip:
  9. OMG I LOVE that! The Carly would prob be perfect. Yes, I love the tan and metallic combos. :smile: Id consider something else but for some reason I cant get my mind off the metallics!

    The bottom of that Carly is cloth though huh? hmmm I still think it would be perfect but it is double the price I paid for the signature duffle. Oh boy! Im scared! :smile:
  10. Alsie, I edited my post above, in case you didn't see it, and added a couple other possibilities for you. Did you see those?
  11. Just saw the other 2 links, hmm both cute but the I want a year round bag so the wite is out. (I live in New England) but the Hamptons may be cute in a darker color? hmm I think I need to go try a few at a store!
    I have a feeling if I dont keep the one I have I will have my heart set on the Carly! I dont know that I can pay that kind of $$ right now though. :sad: waaaa
  12. What about this? LOL!

  13. ya ya ya LIKE that!
    I saw somebody w that one recently
    Is it in stores still?
    Is it much over 300?
    that is a good one!
  14. Ok