hi! into/help man friendly chanel bags and shoes?

  1. hi! i am semi new. ive been kinda lurking on this forum for about a month. and just recently joined. i am 18, about to start college. i currently only own chanel eyewear. and i love it to death. however i want to buy my first lux bag in a couple weeks. and i live in nashville TN and they dont sell chanel in the state (except for eyewear). so i need ur guys help.

    I am looking for any men friendly bags. like messengers, gym, travel, anything like that. if any of you have suggestions for me or pictures that would be amazing!

    Oh, and i am also looking for pictures so i can look into chanel shoes/sneakers. ive seen a few, like a black and silver tweed, and a grey quilted and white sneaker. both of which were in the little under $500 range. i am going to LA in about a week and was wondering where i could find some mens shoes and the bags i was looking describing earlier.

    my small but growing fam!
    (5085 smaller version) (4136) (3093 stamped quilted arms)
  2. I've had this complaint about Chanel it seems like forever. Their catalogs s*ck. We don't have too many males here in the Chanel subforum, so I'm not sure we can be much help. I would suggest calling and becoming friendly with an out of state sales associate. Try Damian at Saks in Bala Cynwyd Pennsylvania. He'll send you pictures by email to help you find your perfect first bag.:tup:
  3. yeah. ive seen some sport bags, but they dont quite catch my eye. im not scared of carrying something too feminine. i think that as long as the bag is big enough i can carry it off as a bag, and not a purse. :yes: an when i review the chanel shows, there are a few male models and i see a couple things i like on them, but am scared its going to be extrememely hard to find something like that in the store. but i think i def need to find a good SA first. thanks so much!

    oh yeah and i meant intro not into. sorry.
  4. Why don't send a message to Chanelboy. He works at Chanel Boutique in Nordstrom at Mall of America, 952-883-2121, ext. 1390, I believe his name is Lucas. I'm sure he can be very helpful of finding you some bags for men. Good Luck!
  5. How about the new Pocket in the City? THE LARGE SIZE. Looks like it could be unisex. It definitely looks like a bag to me and not a purse. It is quite large too. Just a suggestion.
  6. You might be able to find a couple unisex bags (particularly from the Sports line) but I wouldn't bother with the shoes. As far as I know, if they exist it's in very limited quantities and (like the men's RTW collection) would most likely only be available in Paris and New York.
  7. im bumping this up because im really interested in the options available for me as well.

    the cambon overnight bag was probably my all time favourite but aparently here in australia its been completely d'continued from the line .. is it the same overseas?

    otherwise, what largish bags are available?

    i was *borderline* considering a jumbo flap.. but i think on my 6' 2" frame it will still come across to feminine.
  8. I agree, I think a classic flap is feminine.
    I'm pretty sure the Cambon you're referring to was discontinued. In the USA the only thing not discontinued is the patent black on black and patent beige on beige in the large tote, camera bag maybe the reporter and some accessories as far as I know.
    The Paris Biarritz ligne isn't too feminine IMO.
  9. i know you've already got a fair share of chanel eyeware. but you have to check out the chanel 5118 sunglasses. they are killer on men. awesome in the black or brown with silver hardware. also, as far as i know the chanel in soho nyc sells the mens ready to wear. but it is extremely pricey. GL!!

  10. When I asked my SA here in amsterdam about a particular bag i saw on one of the male models from the fw07/08 show and in a magazine, she told me that none of the men's accessoiries were taken into production. Some of the ready to wear apperently is but difficult to find.

    What do you guys think about the black Cerf tote for a guy? never seen it IRL, so don't know if it's large enough..
  11. it's large and isn't too feminine at all. You should try it to see if you care for the handles though.
  12. that is such a bugger about the overnight bag being discontinued .. i really prefer a square/rect. shape - anything else, and all ur things go astray inside.

    i want something classically chanel :cry: