Hi! I'm new here. A question please

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been saving up for a nice bag. I have saved about $2500.00 and I really wanted to purchase a Fendi Spy. However, I have a friend who kind of snorted when I told her I'd like to purchase the Spy.

    Is the Spy bag really "Out"? Can I finally purchase my dream bag and not worry that people will say it is soooooooo 2006 or something? Please help me.

    Thanks so much in advance
  2. Oh. I have to get going. I'll check in on your responses at work, even though I might not be able to respond. I'd like to buy it today. But I'd like some advice first.

    In advance, I'd like to thank anyone who responds and helps me.

    Thanks again,
  3. hello and welcome, I still love the spy, I think it's become a classic. go for what you truly want and will make you happy, good luck with your purchase and pics, pics, pics!
  4. If this is the bag that you really want, get it. If you love it, it doesnt matter if its "in" or "out". You will regret not getting it! Plus it's an awesome bag!
  5. I say go for it! You could even check out the authenticate this forum here and could find a bargain on ebay (authentic, of course). Then you would have money left over for another bag, lol
    I've seen perfect spys go for under 1k on ebay.
  6. i just got my first spy a couple of months ago, no regrets! i dont buy bags bec they're "in" -- i buy them bec i love the way they look, the leather, the design, the way i fell in love with them when i first saw them (i gasped when i first saw my spy :P)

    decide on whether it's the one that will really make you happy, thats what's important!

    good luck!!
  7. I personally love the Spy bag! I love the shape, the size, the colors, the style, and of course, the bubbley textured leather!!!! I carry mine all the time and still hope to buy more in the future! I really dont consider the Spy to be "out", but I also really dont care. For me, the Spy bag is an all time classic and it will never be "out".
    If you really love the Spy bag you should go ahead and get one! The Spy is my Favorite bag and I'm sure it will be yours too!:yes:
  8. Thank you guys so much! I'll definitely get it now!! Your encouragement has been priceless!!!

    I've always loved the Spy, and I've been saving up for about 4 months now for it. Now I have to decide what color. I think I'll get a dark brown. I no longer care if my friend sniffs at it. Yayyyy for confidence!!

    Oooooh! I'm so excited! :yahoo: I'll be sure to take some pics with it!! Now I won't be able to sleep until I get it! Teeeheeee!!!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  9. The spy is a Classic bag, you cannot go wrong buying one. Let us know which one you get
  10. Spy bag is Fendi Classic and a favorite of countless celebrities. Fendi constantly updates its collection with different color and materials and recently added smaller versions of them (BABY SPY!!!) You will not go wrong with spy.
  11. The Spy is now a Fendi classic. Go ahead and get it!

  12. Great Choice! I get soooo much use out of my Chocolate Spy and it goes with so many things! You'll be very pleased with it!
  13. You've saved a lot of money, good for you. I would be sure to be really selective about getting the color you love, and not settling. I think some spys look dated and "out" because they are in gaudy color combinations or have other features that are waaay too trendy. But if you get a rich black or brown and let the craftmanship speak for itself, it will probably have much more life than the more blinged out bags.
  14. I would definitely go for the spy bag. It is a classic and you could never go wrong. :smile: