Hi! I really want a Nikki in wine...

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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy one with a code?
  2. I pre-ordered mine from RM. It was $600 plus $20 shipping....these are special orders as they don't make this color anymore (someone correct me if I'm wrong...)

    You will be very lucky if you find one w/ a code, but maybe someone else will be able to help you with some more info :smile:
  3. Hmmm it was available for special order on the RM website (perhaps it still is), but as of right now I do not believe this particular color of nikki is stocked. Unfortunately because it is only available special order there is no discount for it. Wine is from a season past (I'm not sure which season) and the only way I think you can find it for cheaper than full price is by buying one off ebay. This is all that I know, hopeful someone else can either confirm or correct the details I just posted. I personally love the color, but can't afford full priced RMs. : ( Good luck to you.
  4. Unfortunately, the only place I think you'll be lucky enough to find it at a discount is evilbay. Otherwise, you can order it for special order through RM website! I ordered mine from catalina and its supposed to take 8 weeks to get here...hopefully you can get on the bandwagon too still! good luck!!
  5. Right now none of the wine nikkis are available and must be specially ordered through RM. they need a minimum of 8 orders. not sure if they reached their minimum but you can do a search.
  6. ^Hi- like the other ladies have mentioned, these can only be preordered directly thru RM. There is no discounts available on them. It is $600 plus $20 shipping in US and $95 international, and it will take 10 weeks to arrive. The turnaround was 8 weeks at first, but since there were so many orders for the WINE its now 10 weeks.

    Also, the bags have to be paid for in full, and they are final sale as they are made on special order.
  7. ^ Oh I did not know the turnaround was 10 weeks! :wtf:
  8. ^Yeow! Well, it's worth it!=)
  9. i want one too..but its too expensive (695 dollar) imo.
  10. ^suteje, why is international shipping so much? is that the "true" cost of shipping? i would think it was fairly expensive but not three times the cost of us shipping. i always wondered.
  11. If you order thru her website it's on backorder until 5/31. Does anyone know if she charges the card right away or when the item is shipped?
  12. I believe your card is charged right away.
  13. ^^shopbopchic, i think someone mentioned that RM covers the cost of customs too so thats why international shipping is so high...

    On the site it says backordered till 5/31, but i don't think its been updated. I talked to Catalina last week, and they have 3 batches of Nikki, and 2 batches of Matinee, which is about 40 bags, and i believe they'vehad more orders after that too! She said they did not even expect half of that, so thats why the turnaround is 10 weeks now for any NEW orders that come thru. The batches that went into production already will still be 8 weeks.

    Its somewhat complicated- basically you have to wait till she has atleast 8 pple willing to buy the same bag because production requires a minimum of 8 bags... Once she reached the 8 orders, then your card is charged. Your card is charged before the bag goes into production, and it is final sale...
  14. Wow three batches of NIkkis? There most be a lot of lurkers on this board I think I only counted about 10 that wanted it hehehehehe

    I think if the future they should give a small discount as TPF gave them40 orders that is pretty good! I mean I really appreciate them startign production again! On second thought what about limited edition purse forum bag!!!!!
  15. Yea i think they should give us a discount too. We've brought a lot of business to them, and a token of appreciation would be nice! Megs is suppose to meet with her soon, and we asked for a discount on the "questions to ask RM" thread, so hopefully Megs will bring us some good news!