Hi Hermes Ladies..need your opinion..

  1. i love their trench coats! so understated and chic! its a classic
  2. Burberry bags: NOOOO!
    Burberry trench: a classic
  3. :smile: So it's good to spend that much money on a coat? Remember..I live in Arizona..haha.
    My SA from Burberry advised me to buy the dark colored one because he says more dry cleaningon the Khaki one would make it look dingy
  4. i dont like the BR one but the dk trench is a must! and yes it is worth it :biggrin: my mom loves burberry trenches....
  5. Go for the Burberry, it'll last you a lifetime:yes:
  6. a burberry coat will always be a burberry coat...it'll last you forever!!!:biggrin:
  7. my mom has this BananaRepublic.com

    and she has a hot pink one from last season but its not wool :biggrin:
  8. oh..the other one was a shirt dress :smile:
    wondering if it's work appropriate if i pair it with a leather dark brown belt :smile:
  9. I think the shirtdress would look better with a dark leather belt actually. It would upgrade it. I think a Burberry trench in black is a great investment if you can wear it where you live.
  10. I agree, a Burbery trench is a classic, just like their quilted jackets. Go for it if you can wear it in your climate!
  11. does it get cold in arizona?
  12. Around the 50-60's in the winter :smile:
  13. So..so far..
    Yes for sure on the Burberry
    Maybe on the Shirtdress?