hi everybody..looking for a botkier

  1. Trigger..will this go on sale anytime soon..I have been lemming this bag for a long time but bought a MJ instead:P This bag would be awesome for everyday use..thankyou very much.
  2. I just read here on TPF that they are offering $100 off any fall bag on Botkier site. They have all the triggers in stock in the fall colors!
  3. MJfan - it's your lucky day! :yahoo:

    I just went to the active endeavors site and they have one on sale - it was just posted today - down to 346 from 692. That's HALF OFF! :nuts:

    Active Endeavors | Shopping --- Sale: Women

    This beats 100 bucks off by far!

  4. Hey thankyou :smile: but i should have specified i was looking for a trigger :Push:

  5. Sorry, I'm confused. The one I posted is a trigger. Are there different types?
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