Hi, Do they carry Marc by MJ in Macys rop

  1. I did see his sunglasses there..does that mean they sell his bags too..just wondering thanks
  2. it depends on the macy's, but, yes, some do.
  3. I just called the store and they dont carry marc by mj :sad: boo guess i will have to spend the gc' at MAC then. Thanks for your help anyways.
  4. ^ Have you considered ordering from a different Macy's that does sell MbMJ?
  5. I seriously dont know how to go about this..when i asked the SA, if she knew of any other store that carry this brand..she said " I dont know honey" I was put on hold for 10 mins :shrugs:
  6. Someone said that the Union Square Macy's in San Francisco carried MbMJ. I think I also remember another member saying that the Michigan Avenue Macy's in Chicago carried MbMJ as well. Good luck!
  7. yes the SF union square Macy's carries MbyMJ...I've never seen styles on sales though.
  8. Thanks girls i will call up tomorrow morning..
  9. Yeah I have a Macy's gift card from my CC rewards, and I don't know what to spend it on... any LA girls know about SoCal Macy's that sell MbMJ?
    I was going to spend it on a pair of jeans but I can never pass up a good deal on a bag... :graucho:
  10. Sorry this is a late reply, but Macys at South Coast Plaza carries MbMJ bags, clothes, and shoes!
  11. union square macy's defo carries mbmj bags i was there over the christmas break, they had a pretty selection actually
  12. Yep...I was just there and they did have M by MJ. No collection bags, though.

    The NYC store probably carries M by MJ, too. You might also check the South Coast Plaza store in Costa Mesa, CA. That is a big store, too.
  13. The Macys in the Fashion show mall Las Vegas carries MbyMJ bags