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  1. Hi ladies! new to the forum and totally addicted to Coach. My latest purchase was the large soho flap. I also have a signature wallet and an optic pouch. Just curious- I see a lot of talk about the minis and wristlets. what do u girls use them for? i am in Canada and planning on going to the states soon and making my next purchase since all we have in my town in Holt Renfew. looking fwd to chatting w u all!
  2. Welcome to tPF! I use mini skinnies for my ipod, or my change and extra cards that don't need to be in my regular wallet. My wristlets are great for going out. quickly or at night when I don't need very much. I've heard others use them for makeup and receipts.
  3. Hi & welcome!
  4. Hi gabz, welcome to tpf! It's always great to have another Coach lover around.

    I like to stick my id, debit card, and a little cash in my Mini Skinny when i'm going out and using a purse that I can't fit my regular wallet in.

    My Wristlet is great when I don't feel like carrying a real purse around or if i'm going to a bar or a party where I don't want to worry about having my bag stolen or anything. I also use it instead of my regular Coach Make up bag when i'm using a day clutch or a slim bag. The slim shape is better for that sort of bag. It's also great for receipts or whatever you want to stick in it to keep the rest of your purse from getting clogged up with random little things.
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    It is always great to have a new member... just beware... your bank account will suffer! :p
  6. welcome to tPF!!! i use my mini skinny to hold my cash, cards, &change instead of using a wallet. my wristlets are used as a phone case and i just attatch my mini skinny to it when i dont feel like carrying a purse.
  7. Hi & welcome gabz!! I don't have a mini skinny, but I do have a wristlet. I use it to hold my makeup, camera, or smaller things that I don't want to dig for. I also use it to store money when I'm using a smaller bag because it's nice & slim... my wallet takes up way too much space when I'm wearing something small like a pouch.
  8. Welcome to tpf. You will become addicted before you know it.
  9. Welcome! I've only been here about a month and I'm already addicted-be warned:p
    I use my mini skinny when in my wristlet as a wallet or just as a wallet to carry in my pocket. I mainly use my wristlets when I'm going out at night or traveling. I always get the ones big enough to hold a mini skinny, my keys, phone, lip gloss and a powder compact. Its amazing what I can fit in those wristlets.
  10. Welcome! You'll love it here!
  11. Hi Gabz
    I use my soho wristlet as a wallet, because it has a pocket in the front that is perfect for my license and change and CC, then a regular zip-wristlet pocket that i use for cash
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  13. Welcome!! You will LOVE it here...very addicting. I knew I was in trouble when I got so much help finding a certain discontinued hobo I wanted on eBay (thanks, ladies!). Now I am hooked on coach (but no brand loyalty whatsoever, hehehehe).

    Anyway, I don't have any mini skinnies but love wristlets, all kinds. I probably scooped up 6 in the past 6 months alone, yikes! They're great for quick errands where I just throw in ID, cash, phone or inside another bag for feminine stuff. Especially with open top bags, I don't want that stuff on display, KWIM?

  14. welcome to the group!!
  15. Welcome to tPF!!