HH Tharpe or Orsay?

  1. Those of you who've been to the Hayden-Harnett store, would you tell me your opinions of these new bags? What different moods or images do they exude? Are they sleek or slightly rugged? Any input would be greatly appreciate! I'm getting ready for the big sale. I'm looking for a black, everyday purse. Thanks.
  2. I haven't seen either yet but hope to see the Tharpe at Luna Boston next week. I'm curious about the Orsay as well, now that they have it in black and cafe (without flower print).
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  4. anyone see these IRL?
  5. Haven't tried them in person so waiting to see anyone who has.

    From the pictures I kinda lean towards the Tharpe but...
  6. I've been eying the Orsay myself, but since I haven't seen it IRL or seen RL pics, I've been holding off. Now I'm itching for another bag....
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  8. I've never seen one but I'm pretty interested in some of their bags. The price is always pretty good too.