HH Retiring the Clutch Wallet :(

  1. So, I read that HH will be retiring the clutch wallet. Am I the only person that is sad about this? :sad:
  2. Really!?!?

    Bri, this does not mean you need to become a crazy wallet hoarder! :p
  3. Oh no, where did you see this, Bri?
    I like the clutch wallets as well and honestly am a bigger fan of their wallets and small goodies than the bags! Are they still going to make a wallet?
  4. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why oh why HH always discontinue those classic styles...
  5. OH wow. I wonder why - people love that wallet. I wonder if they'll have a new style to replace it.
  6. :pout::hysteric::pout:

    Now I wish I'd grabbed that chocolate one yesterday. This also tells me that the lorca is going the same way since they share that same turnlock. :shucks:

    I'm curious to see what they replace that wallet design with.
  7. Oh, now I am definitely going to hoard the ones I have....
  8. and on that note, I caved on the RED clutch this a.m. - thanks for the heads up while they have this sale going on; i wish i could cave on the Plum - but oh well.
  9. She already is!! Have you seen her clutch collection??? LOL
  10. that's very surprising that they would retire it because people love their clutch wallets. and even more surprising that that they'd advertise it. where did they say that they're retiring it?
  11. fyi - i didnt order it just because of that... i recd the Lead wallet from an awesome seller on BON and i am in love with it - they need more bags in lead - plain and simple. imagine a trophy in lead... wowee!
  12. I am just doing a quick drive-by post... I read this on the HH FB page yesterday. If you go to it, and you scroll down the postings until you find the NAVY clutch photo and you look at the photo, HH is advertising the sale they had yesterday and underneath the clutch wallet it says "Our soon to be retired clutch wallet..." or something like that. I almsot &^%$ myself. :sad:
  13. Are you sure Bri? I saw the post you're talking about and it says:We know your overstuffed wallet is ready for retirement, so today only we're offering an exclusive 50% off these Hayden-Harnett leather beauties.
  14. OOPS! OMG... I feel like an A-hole. I was reading that last night with my phone, and now that I went back to look at it on the computer, I see what you mean. Oh, Lordy! lol! I went to bed last night all sad, but this just made my day. FALSE ALARM!

    Lesson of the day: Do not attempt to read small print on your phone... :sad:

    Omg... Thank you Pigalle. I was so sad when I thought I read they were going to retire it; I was dying to know if anyone else knew for sure before I went on a binge. lol

    hhahah... Thank goodness.
  15. Too funny!